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Password for poast & camera sham

After 4 hellish days since Monday.

Wow I did not blog properly for like, one week. Surprisingly. I feel so bad for not updating, but it’s either I don’t have the time or I don’t have the mood.

This is gonna be a wordy &  pictureless poast, about the whole camera saga.

But firstly – about the password protected poast (PPP?!)

Usually I don’t like to private my blog and accounts because if I dare to write something, I dare to face the consequences.

But I made an exception for that poast because I wanted to test this WordPress function (Y). And because half of the poast was uncensored swear words, spelt out fully. Like CB and F… you know.

And some people obviously cannot tolerate swearing (when some people asked me for the pass, I told them that half of it was swear words and they stopped probing -_-). Plus my family and relatives read my blog – I doubt excessive swearing will go down well with them.

Oh and actually, the whole poast is only 3 sentences long.
Still, for the very insistent kpo ones who wanna read that poast, the password is: randompass

Yes it’s lame. I told you it was impromptu and I just wanted to test the fucntion and swear excessively already right?

I wonder if anyone tried to randomly enter something and hoped to hack in. Terms related to me like “rainbowsheep” and stuff like that. Buahahaha, you ignorant foooools! 😀

Ohya I feel that this whole episode of a simple PPP has let me learn something.
That some people are obviously more interested in finding out what scandalous stuff I wrote that had to be protected. Rather than showing concern for my evidently unstable state.

Don’t give excuses okay. From my plurks and tweets and behavior in real life, anyone can tell that for the past whole week I’m anything but happy.

And from whatever you say to me on whatever platform, from Plurk to Twitter to my blog to real life, I can see who can be considered a true friend, who can be trusted, who really cares, etc.


Wanted to blog on Thursday.
Searched for my camera to transfer pictures but then I couldn’t find it anywhere. Not in its usual spot in my bag and I don’t even remember taking it out or leaving it behind.

So I assumed it was stolen and got into such a freaking state about what I should do and what I’m gonna tell my mother (she’s the one who bought the camera).

Arghhhhh the last time I lost a gadget was my Sony Ericsson phone in Sec 1 LOL

Anw, was sooooo depressed that I didn’t feel like doing anything.
Spammed Twitter, Plurk, MSN & sms because I was so stressed and in the depths of despair.

And I keep swearing. Uncensored swearing.
Even on MSN. The very first word of my nick was the uncensored F-word -_-
Byebye my image.

At first I wanted to ask my brother if he has seen my camera around but I scared later my mother find out. I should have asked him!!!

After a few hours I was still having a nervy b. Don’t know why but somehow, conversation with my mother drifted to how she tried to wake me up in the morning by calling my handphone. First time fail, second time I answered and said, “Ok.”

I have absolutely no memory of her calling me at all so I was like huh? Really meh? Since when you called me?

Keep trying to recall.. . then I realised that it sounded quite familar.
And then I have this vague memory of my brother coming to me while I was still sleeping and asking if he could borrow something. And I said yes to everything he said because I wanted to go on sleeping without being disturbed.

So I confirmed with him that the above seemingly-surreal sceanrio really did exist.
Asked what he borrowed and his spectacular answer was…



I really am Joke Of The Year.
What a klutz.

Don’t talk to me if I haven’t gotten up of bed next time okay! My brain isn’t functioning, it need manual switch on and shut down! 🙁

You know sometimes, I realise that I have opened smses in my inbox which I don’t remember having read them AT ALL?! And occasionally unknown calls too. I think it’s the same thing.

To think that I was soooo depressed the past few hours for nothing. But was just so relieved and happy lah. So paiseh though, I spammed people everywhere and somemore got so many F-word.

Nevermind though! Just soo glad to have my camera back with me (come to think of it, it never left) 😀

Told my mother and my brother and they were like -______-

You know, I saw 11:11PM awhile before and usually I don’t make wishes. But that day I wished for my camera back. Wow, kind of accurate huh. LOL

My baby cameraaaa I love love love youuuu. Can’t believe I almost lost you. Never knew how much you meant to me until then. I am going to appreciate and cherish you even more from now on 🙂

We’ve been through thick and thin. You’ve helped to capture some of the best moments in my life. I think if I’d really lost you, I’d have quit blogging too.

Okay now I can continue to fantasize about MacBreakfast with Mom on Sunday. Becaus ebefore the whole camera saga, I was thinking about that until the worries took over.
No more “urgent worries”. For now.

The glossy Macdonalds brouchure came in the mail and it featured the dulexe breakfast set. Omg looks so yum. So my mother said sunday we go eat together YAY 😀

To be frank, I love to receive fast food and buffet brouchures in the mail. Glossy and yum-looking. Even if I don’t actually eat it, I will keep fantasizing about the food. No harm done right.

I will browse through the menus on the brouchure and mentally pick what I want to eat the most, out of everything. Everytime I get buffet brouchures, I will mentally tick off a dish from every category and make my own mental (in both senses of the word  – 1) mental as in crazy and 2) mental as in mind) menu.

Does anyone do that too?
Hehehehehe I am mad.

Ooooh. I love to eat and sleep.
Oink oink oink oink oinkkkkkkkkkkkkk.

Okay byebye for now,more details and pics tomorrow.

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