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Bad decisions make good stories. And I always have a good story.

Miaow miaow oink oink

Bah bah still the best laa 😀

Keep holding on

Yay ICA1 for BPS module finally end!
Can you believe that I actually started my presentation by miaowing. Literally. The first thing I uttered when I went up in front was, “Miaow, Miaow~” LOL

But it is what you call a “teaser” and absolutely necessary to include in your presentation.
Some people sang, some danced, etc.

I meowed because I talked about plagarism i.e. copycat LOL
Made up the personal experience part. Ended with the quote “Love all, Trust a few” by my husband.

Still got loads of ICAs to work on for other modules…

Today had 4 hours of break before the next tutorial oh gosh -_- I can go home siah. But I didn’t.

Stayed in class to draft and submit a Twitter advertorial instead muahaha. I think I have written and published nearly 10 advs liaoszx 😀 money money money…!

At end of the day, was sitting down with Dian while waiting for JuJu to buy waffles before we went home. Stupid group of guys at the next table kept looking at me and whisper whisper to themselves -_- Didn’t even bother to be subtle. I started right back at one of the guys and he still kept looking oh what the !@#$%

And at first I call my dad come fetch me but he asked me go home myself because he need rush for his mahjong session… then an hour later he called me, apparently to tell me he can come fetch me, but I already walking to MRT plus I didn’t pick up my phone T_T


Ohya yesterday I at Northpoint, about to walk out to bus stop and go home, when this midget lady came up to me and started saying… “Hi something something freelance model…”

I just looked at her for few seconds, registered what she meant in my mind, gestured no, and walked off.

She made me miss my 811 bus. I was late by few seconds.


Should have asked how much she want pay me. Or maybe she is some scammer.

Okayokay being lame.
Will blog properly tomorrow because I’m tired now. Oh dear so many overdue entries.

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