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Just another crazy giggly schoolgirl


Life’s been treating me pretty well 😀
Poly life is starting to get busy but I’m still loving it. Oh and I have no weekend homework today, except to prepare for my upcoming ICAs…

Been laughing a lot, especially during gossip sessions with Clique. Ohmygoodness we are so mad and evil sometimes. We have pet names for each other too, hah.

Cherlynn – Cherry
Geraldine – Gerry
Darilene – Dari
Judith – JuJu
Dian – DiDi

Uber funny. People keep mixing up me, Gerry & Dari’s names because they end with similar sounds. Especially since we are always together HAHAH.

And duh, some lecturers still mispronouncing my name the same way… no prizes for guessing as what.

Actually there’s Jasmine and Regine too but they don’t really hang out with us or with each other, if not even more confusing!!!

And I am JuJu’s number one fan okay!!! ^-^
Yay inside jokes are the best kind of jokes!

Today during tutorial, Mr Pang showed the class each and everyone’s powerpoint about themselves. Whole class laughed when they saw this slide of mine…

Rainbow sheepOf course, it is animated (bounce bounce bounce) but this is just a screenshot.

Coincidentally, this is the module whereby during the self-introduction session last time, I said I loveee rainbow sheep 😀

Happy that I managed to make people laugh ^-^
Think anyone would find it rather amusing… a slide full of bouncing rainbow sheep ♥ (Y)!

Did something crazy today YAY! 😀
Or at least I think it’s good enough to be called crazy…

Was walking home from MRT with someone when it rained heavily… ended up walking in the rain and slowly as well, because his leg was injured. I wonder how we looked like to all the other sensible people taking shelter.

Total madness.
Dripping wet when I got home.
Vair shiok, because I don’t like hot weather! I love rain ♥ 😀

This is craziness in a nice way :}

Will be blogging more details about Wednesday and yesterday in the next few poasts, so stay tuned! 😀

P/S: I do not feel sick or feverish so far, so please do not let me get sick.

Oh and by the way, do you dear readers prefer a plain one-color font for my entries (other than for headings and such), or do you prefer rainbow font; a different color for every paragraph, like in the previous poast?

Feedback appreciated!! 😀

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  • I prefer plain coloured font, cuz your background is white. or else it’ll be very (gah whats that word) confusung…..? i dunno, i just prefer the plain coloured fonts. HEH :>

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