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Two sides of a coin

Under the sky

Was a total emotional wreck yesterday and refused to sleep. Woke up at 11am when lesson starts at 12noon. Smart. Managed to make it on time though. Because I took a taxi, and there goes $6.20 🙁 heart pain. Okay serves me right.

Feel so happy with my finished work though, both feature article and journal entry (Y). Hopefully the teachers like it!

This week’s topic for 1 minute of sharing is “My pet peeves”.
Ms Soo called my name this time! Mmm started rambling on again about whatever came to my mind-

  • Desperado people who try so hard to fit in that they transform themselves into someone they are not.

Totally the first thing that crossed my mind.
Clique kept laughing as I talked about it because they know who I meant.

  • Ruined nails

Didn’t know what to say next so I randomly mentioned nails. Hahah, so superficial.

  • Twitter account getting hacked

Kendy said, “Hackers” the moment Ms Soo called my name. So I decided to just mention a little about it to make up for my 1 minute.

Really really hate the evil hacker but what’s done cannot be undone.
Anw, I believe in the 2 sides of a coin theory. That everything has both a good and bad side to it.
Even this!

For one thing,  it lets me see more about people.

When I first found out about the hack, I randomly sent a mass sms to people. The message that says I have been hacked and I feel like crying etc. Not the one that informs you of my new account.

Sent out loads of messages that day, to different groups of people, telling them different stuff, but all about Twitter. If I didn’t reply you, I apologise. Can’t keep up.

But anw, thanks everyone who bothered to reply. Sorry if I irritated you with my non-stop texts.

Special thanks to people who said encouraging words and tried to cheer me up. You have no idea how much all your words helped. People like Clique (you know who you are! Quite a mouthful to say out all your names!), Kendy, Nicole and a few more. And YouYou and a few more others. Love you all so much kay! ♥ (:

Special thanks to all those who were following me before I got hacked and followed me again in my new account. Even those who I’ve never followed before, but are fans of my tweets and quotes. Because of your constant retweets, I remembered your usernames and could inform you of my being hacked. Your constant support keeps me going ♥.

Lastly, the biggest, and most special THANKYOU to Hariz, who not only tried to cheer me up, but even went to create a Twitter account just to follow me, and said it’s worth a million followers, so nevermind the 300+ in my old account.

So nice of him 🙂
And now his Twitter page is only following me and Sesame Street. HAHAHAH I feel sooo honoured lah okay! 😀

It’s not about whatever you might think it is… it’s about the people. Their sincerity and their concern and stuff like that, you get what I mean. Don’t really know how to put it in words, but you should get my drift.

Simple gestures and nice words like these can touch me deeply, they create a memorable impression for me. No matter how small, I will notice 🙂 I might not say anything, but I do know 🙂

And as for the people who replied stupid things to my distressed texts (which is worse than not replying, really)… actually I think only one person replied something that is worth calling “stupid”.

And that awesome person is none other than Kevin, the emo freak gay who calls himself MiniLove on Plurk. He replied something like, “Wa, suay lah u.”

You might as well don’t reply. Do I really need you to tell me that? Is that really an appropriate thing to say to a distressed person???

He used to spam my inbox incessantly with his stupid emo rants about his stupid screwed-up nonexistent relationship with this equally stupid annoying girl. And even though I find him uber annoying, I still try my best to reply my advice and stuff like that.

And all he does in complain on Plurk about how it’s dumb to ask a sad person to cheer up.

The only reason why I reply him is because he seems emo till the point of suicidal, and I was afraid that he would do something foolish like commit suicide. Then when people check who he last had contact with, they will see all the emo smses he sent out. And I don’t want to be blamed for ignoring his “desperate last cry for help (more like attention)”.

Anw, sorry for this uber long poast 😀

Today during GSM lecture for Cyber Awareness, the teacher pronounced Michigan as McChicken.

Think I will fail the Leisure Lifestyles GSM. Totally not paying attention again. When the lecturer said, “Now we will use what you have learnt and…”, I turned around and said (not asked, but said – note the difference). I said to Geraldine & Darilene, “What have we learnt???”

Can you get any more boring???

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