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Karma's a bitch!



I deserve it, really.
I knew very well it’s not safe to sign in to Twitter at school, but I got REALLY bored today so I did. Orbiquek right?

I still can’t believe there are such mean people out there who get a kick of of doing such things. The hacker is probably some random stranger from SBM whom doesn’t even know me. Such nice people in my school manszx.

I felt so upset just now. Was stunned when I tried to sign in and I got directed to some page about having agreed to permanently deactivate my account. Almost felt like crying.

I got more and more emo the more I thought about it.
1023 tweets and 333 followers gone 🙁

And I was listed on 4 lists… all gone too. Do you know how hard it is to get listed? Especially when you are not a fan of Bieber/Twilight/Glee/Kpop bands. All of which I am not.

Plus the final blow was that all my advertorial earnings would be gone too!
But I realised that I could just update my new details with the website instead, and everything else would remain the same. So I cheered up a lil.


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Kind of sucks that I can’t use the same email or username anymore forever zzzz -_-
But nevermind!

I’ll just start all over again. After all, I deleted my Plurk account and then created a new one again. Nothing new ^-^ Stupid hacker, I won’t die so easily okay! To hell with you!

Wow. I can’t believe I’m so optimistic 😀
Well, I suppose it could have been worse! It could have been my blog that got hacked etc etc.

Nevermind, I’m sure I’ll gain back my 300 odd followers again soon. Love all my followers, especially those that always retweet my quotes 😀

As for the reason behind the title of this poast, it is because I got signed in into 2 other people’s Twitter accounts too. But I didn’t do anything, except tweet “HAHAHAH” in one of the accounts -_- Not so black-hearted like some people.

Well… I guess I sort of deserve to get my Twitter hacked T_T
I learnt my lesson the hard way 😉 I will never sign in anything other than msn messenger in school again!!!

No photos today because I wasn’t in the mood. Nothing much happened in school today either.
Loads of homework and ICAs to start on!

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