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Dullest poast ever


Wanted to go library today but it rained so here I am!
It always rains at the wrong time 🙁 the sky turns dark everytime I wanna go home from school. Thankfully it starts pouring only after I reached home. But I still love rain anw! 😀

Ooooh didn’t blog yesterday because was feeling lazy and unmotivated.
I fell asleep on the bed almost immediately after I reached home. So tired! Woke up at only 9pm+ and I ended up watching TV whilst MSN-ing till 4am. LOL not kidding. Someone refused to go offline until I went sleep ._.

It is not school and the lessons and the work that tire me out. School is still very slack. And I don’t even have homework, unlike so many other courses.

It is the walking from my house to Khatib MRT, and walking from Yio Chu Kang MRT to school, then the walking back again when school ends. And campus very big, have to keep climbing up and down, walk here and there, blahblah and we are sitll getting lost. To top it off, the weather is bloomin’ hot.

All these combine together make me very tired and hot -_- my sole consolation is  that I can lose weight this way, but actually I doubt this can be even counted as exercise.

I brought my laptop to school for 3 days in a row because I need to configure it (install the teaching software used in NYP and loads more other things) but all in vain! Only on the third day then did we realise that you need a queue number and they are only giving out 100 a day. And they start giving out at 8.50am -_-

Walaoooo. So now my friends and I have to bring our laptops  again on Monday and come school at 8.30am. Even though we start lessons only at noon! FML 🙁 tres tiring having to lug my laptop around… even though it is less than 2kg.

– iLazy –

But nevermind…
So far all is good. Classes are interesting but most of the lecturers are boring. Hahahah.

Okay gonna ramble on a bit more before I start working on my picture posts. Like AISS’s 44th Achievement Day and SBM’s Orientation 😀

Yesterday during lunch, I turned around to talk to a friend, and when I turned back, the cleaner cleared my plate away already. Even though I haven’t even finished T______T the people around me had finished their food already so he though I had too T____T

I was eating this chicken cutlet set and I left the chicken for the last. I’m the kind that saves the best for the last to enjoy and all. Walao my chicken 🙁 I was still in the midst of eating it. Boohoo. Nevermind.

I told my mother about it when I got home and she laughed 🙁 But today she bought nasi lemak as lunch for me and inside got one chicken wing. Then she said it’s to make up for my loss yesterday -___-

Karma’s quite a bitch.
I was thinking, “Wa very shiok, no need clear our plates like in secondary school, got cleaners do it for you here.” before. Seriously. T___________________________T

Went to library after that with Jasmine, Geraldine, and Darilene. Talk talk talk talk talk. Then I asked them if I have any dark eye rings or not, because I keep sleeping at late hours. And all 3 of them, in COMPLETE UNISON, said, “No.”

LOL omg very in sync :O

Very odd that sleeping hours like mine don’t give me panda eyes though…
But it’s a good thing ^-^

Okay I forgot what else already.
Gonna start working on my picture poasts now T_T
What a dull poastttt.

Oh and in case you haven’t noticed, I have this new Mood-O-Meter at the right side which I change regularly 🙂

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  • LOL. Who is the sweet guy who pei u msn until 4am ah? Haha, your mum so funny, still buy nasi lemak with the chicken wing inside then treat it as bu chang. So good lor your school, on the first day we went to eat, then somehow my classmate rueben know that we suppose to clear the plate or something. There’s a collect point for all the plates and stuff, so we have to return to there. Happy hor you, Eyebag-less. Haha. Creative today ah? Lol

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