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March 30th, 2011 Posted 2:04 am

Bwah bwah bwah low on inspiration and mood to blog this week!
But I guess I should update something instead of posting TVD all the time…

Today feels like a very busy day.
Was out shopping in the day (did I mention puking out my beloved Pastamania lunch twice T^T) and then –

Geez why is it so hard to blog here?
Tweeting and writing on Tumblr is tons easier wtf.
Is it better to have very little blog traffic but you can write freely and easily, or is it better to have tons of traffic but you can hardly write anything satisfactory? Cos now something called EXPECTATIONS exists?

Anyway after months of my Tumblr Ask and Submit not working (I knew it – the problem lies with SingTel), everything is finally working fine again yay! You have no idea how happy I am because the Ask feature is quite important to me.

Emailed Tumblr a long time ago and all I got was a patronising one-sentence reply from some bitch. Nothing was done and I never heard from her again. Few months back I emailed Tumblr again and I just heard from them again recently (very efficient right?).

Anyway I guess they really tried to help me this time but found that the problem lies with SingTel. So I emailed SingTel and they gave me instructions on how to change my settings etc etc. Tadaaaa!

I was so euphoric that I went to all of my Tumblr followers’ blogs ( nearly 600) and dropped everyone (okay, those who enabled their Ask function) a nice personalised message, thanking them for following me and stuff. Quite a long message actually and I tried to say different things for everyone hahaha.

Unlike most people, when I get a new follower, I don’t go to their blog and see who is it or follow back. And I hardly ever reply their messages also lololol (nothing much to reply what!). But that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate them okay <3

So yeah, that’s what I spent most of my night doing.
It was sooo tiring. But at least it made people happy so it’s worth it 🙂
I am nice to people who deserve it.

Geez I wish Tumblr would have notifications for when someone answers your message. I am definitely not going back to check out all 500 over blogs and seeing their response LOL. Though just now I did go back to a few to see 😀 Cos they reblog and like my posts so often until I can remember their usernames already HAHA.

Ohya, you know when I publish a poast, the links are automatically shared onto my various sites (unless I uncheck the option before publishing) right? If you all want to like, please like on Facebook and don’t like the Tumblr one!! Cos I delete the Tumblr links after awhile. Thank you 😀

Also one more thing!
I feel a bit bad for what I blogged about the Japan disaster (sigh I called people stupid againnn even though they are just trying to help) and what I tweeted about Earth Hour. I am cynical like that.

Although nobody complained or anything, but now I realise that it seems quite harsh and may come off the wrong way. So I sincerely apologise to anyone whom I’d upset! <3

And last of all, I saw a rainbow on Sunday ^^ I was at AMK hehehe.
No pictures though because it was only a small portion and it faded quite fast!

Okay byebye more next time.

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Interview with the shark expert


February 12th, 2011 Posted 10:04 pm

…. I nearly wrote ‘vampire’ instead of ‘shark expert’.
Undoubtedly I’d explode before I even get to speak if Damon Salvatore was sitting in front of me.

Broadcast Presentation ICA4 was a live interview with some weird identity our lecturers posed as. They are supposed to do/say all sorts of crazy things and make it hard for us. I got Ms Soo acting as a shark expert. 2 people before me left the room in tears. My nerves were fried.

Okay it was on Thursday afternoon so I can’t remember exactly how it went.

  • Went in, introduction, and asked my first question
    “Huh? Can repeat what you said? I can’t hear well after the shark accident in which I lost an ear.”

Tumblr meme face

  • Repeated my question
    “Sorry can you speak up and sit closer please?”

Tumblr meme face

  • Sat closer and asked about her accident instead
    *rambles* “It’s okay, they are just sharks. I still love them.”

Tumblr meme - LOL U MAD

  • Replied that I was sorry to *hear* about her accident w/o realising what I’d said
    “Oh was that meant to be a pun?”

Tumblr meme - bitch face

  • Asked about her plans on shark conservation
    *gives vague, offhand answer about how Singaporeans are the worst kind of people*

Tumblr meme - I ain't even mad

  • Asked her why, she talked about shark fin consumption and asked if I ate shark fin
    Lied and said used to, but not anymore

Tumblr meme - blank face

  • Asked her what she plans to do to improve situation
    “Oh, I plan to do something graphic!”

Tumblr meme - twisted look

  • Delves into a long description of shark body parts
  • Didn’t dare cut her off for fear of being rude

Tumblr meme - bored face

  • As a result, I exceed my 5-minute time limit and overran by a lot

Tumblr meme - teary face

It was kinda fun yet scary, but I’m glad everything is over. At least she answered instead of not talking at all, which I feel is a thousand times worse.

Earlier in the day we also had Storyboarding ICA4 presentations. We had to make  2-minute music video for an assigned song. Personally I liked the MVs for Back To December and Billionaire best. One was sooo sad that I teared and the other was epic funny.

Honestly I think my classmates’ concepts and MVs are better than the actual ones, for these 2 songs. HAHA. Back To December is stuck in my head! I love Taylor Swift’s songs. ♡

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