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Before the day ends

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May 28th, 2012 Posted 11:49 pm

What I am thankful for today

  • my family and guinea pigs
  • friends who I can count on to be always there
  • my fun and amazing production group
  • internet access to indulge in all my obsessions
  • an OTP that makes me wanna puke rainbows
  • the fact that I have goals/passions/interests no matter what they are
  • getting to spend time with everyone I love and who loves me
  • this safe and peaceful country (*)
  • waking up and falling asleep in my cosy bed
  • able to be spoilt for choice (e.g. food)

(*) Right before lunch, I read about some massacre in Syria (?) and saw a very gross picture of bloodied children on my Twitter timeline. Sigh…

Anw, nowadays when people upset me, I tell myself that it’s because they are jealous of my wonderful life and wanna make me as bitter as them. And that makes me wanna be even happier! So yes, incredibly thankful for all that I have and I love everyone in my life 🙂

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April 16th, 2010 Posted 11:22 pm

Cake Love

Hihihi how are you all my dear readers?
So sorry for the lack of updates, been really busy 😀

Orientation is finally over! Tiring but fun. I might or might not blog about it few days later. Right now, gotta chiong for Project Post-its! 😀

School starts next Monday (finally) and I heart my timetable. No more monday blues because I only have 2 hours of lessons on Mondays and they start at 12noon! Other days are pretty all right too 😀

I doubt my body clock will actually revert back to normal?! Maybe just a bit. Or whatever.

Meeting the other 4Cs tomorrow ^-^
Hahaha excited!

Takecare, my loves!

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