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All these engagement, wedding, pregnancy, giving birth posts on my social media feeds getting tons of likes and congratulations. Plus these people are people I used to go to school with i.e. my age!!!

Then there are friends posting about graduating school with a degree or getting their driving license. Or former colleagues leaving their secure jobs to pursue their passions. Cue Instagram photos of exciting adventures in exotic overseas locations.

I feel even more pressured to reach these milestones’ in life too, especially the degree and driving license. But truth is I have zero interest and passion for those things, even though at the same time I think they are necessary because society dictates so.

But do I really need to achieve these ‘milestones’ to be ‘happy’ and ‘successful’ in life?

I do like the things I’m doing right now, but it’s not like I’m writing any groundbreaking, life-changing and Pulitzer-winning articles either, be it work or personal.

I cannot even commit to updating my blog regularly even though I have so many exciting stories to tell and admittedly sometimes I feel like the stuff I publish at work have zero value.

Guess I still have a little time to figure out what it is I really want.


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