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For my own memory

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Boohoo I wanna blog but I need to start on my assignments already, to reduce chances of staying up the whole night trying to complete my work :3 All the pending work –

  • Written test of 6 chapters for PMM ICA1
  • Storyboarding ICA2 (individual)
  • Individual pitching for Chrispy ICA1 
  • Group presentation and roleplay for PSM ICA1

Then the following week or whenever

  • Finance ICA2 (group work)
  • Photoshop ICA2 for Chanchan (individual)
  • 10-minute individual presentation for Chrispy

Shall record the classes I’ve skipped for my own reference so that I can calculate and make sure I won’t get debarment.

  • 4 hours of Finance lecture + tutorial (actually 6 but... heee)
  • 3 hours of Chanchan's tutorial
  • 1 hour of Ms Ang's tutorial
  • 2 hours of Chrispy's lecture
  • Countless GSMs

Actually I like one of the GSMs and the teacher is nice but it is just too early at 9am. Class starts at 11am.

Wanted to skip next Tuesday and visit goat farm with WanYu but I realised I can’t skip a whole day of Finance again 2 consecutive weeks in a row. Ms Wong will miss me.

K baibai I love you all xoxoxo

Group presentation and roleplay for PSM ICA1

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One Response to “For my own memory”

  1. Overgrownmidget
    10:48 pm on November 26th, 2010

    Wow that’s a lot of things to do and almost as much time away 😛

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