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The great escape

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November 24th, 2014 Posted 8:42 pm

tumblr escape

Another long lull of not updating but I have been so busy with packing, planning and more! Now I’m back from both Bangkok (Nov 5-8) and Hong Kong (Nov 13-18) trips. Before that in late October there was my 21st birthday which I spent with the people I love over several days.

There’s so much good things, positivity, laughter and happiness everyday. I can’t repeat enough how fortunate I feel and how much I love the people around me because they are the ones who brought all these things into my life.

Anyway, here’s a brief recount of both trips. Will try to blog in detail if I have time but let’s just say I haven’t even posted about Bangkok last year, and Phuket plus Taiwan earlier this year.


bangkok pratunam haul

My haul even before I visited Chatuchak Weekend Market (though I didn’t buy much there) :D Everything is mine except the pair of red sneakers because I wanted to fill up the white space.

This was my second visit and again with my mum (we went last year in August with my aunt). I love this city as much as ever with its cheap everything, spicy food, endless shopping and impeccable service. Plus where else can you have all-you-can eat mookata (crazy spread as well) for S$6?

Hong Kong and Macau

hong kong haul

Mostly local food products such as pork jerky, wife’s biscuits and egg rolls for giving away. They’re nearly all gone! Bottom right is actually ‘voodoo doll’ keychains from Bangkok which I let people choose from. Wish I’d taken a closeup of all the different dolls before giving them out!

This was my first visit and I went with friends. We did a balance of sightseeing, shopping and eating! The research/guide I compiled turned out to be 100 pages long but we didn’t have time to visit loads of places still. Definitely returning again.

Everything is quite pricey here so I actually did minimal shopping for myself. The food is heavenly (though this applies for every country I’ve been to) and there is simply so much beauty that left me in awe. It’s really different seeing all of them with your own eyes instead of just through photos online.

Left: On my dad’s taxi on the way to the airport at 6am+ for my Bangkok flight
Right: Having just arrived at Hong Kong International Airport at 1pm

So very tired zZz no judging okay. Still am. I continued sleeping at 4am everyday in both countries and it wasn’t because I was reading or watching anything :))))

And well, if I ever feel like I haven’t done enough shopping, I can just head over to my favourite Zalora and go on a spree! :D Am loving their collection of Aldo accessories online!!!

There’s unique arm candy for hipsters, elegant necklaces to complete your sophisticated look, casual embellishments that will spice up any outfit and more! No more worrying about how to get that effortlessly posh look :)

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That kind of love never dies

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October 14th, 2014 Posted 11:36 pm

The Vampire Diaries has gone bonkers. In fact, it has been on a downward spiral since mid-Season 3, but I love it anyway. No matter how many hiatuses I take, I always end up returning and having a marathon, then it’s back to the painful waiting for a new episode every week.

I tend to never finish dramas because they can’t hold my short attention span, let alone follow them for so long. Six seasons and four years (I started watching only a year after its pilot). I’m still here.

Some things never change and some things you simply don’t stop loving.
Some thing always brings me back to you. It never takes too long.

love never dies klaus gif

Even when the show is completely crazy and the writing has gone to shit. Seasons 4 and 5 had the worst plots ever because who cares about travellers and the cure? Not me! I thought the one about the Augustine vampires was great but it didn’t last… just like any new potential characters they introduce and then kill off within a few episodes.

Maybe now I’m just watching for Delena and the regular characters who I care very much about… Following Season 6 now and I cried during both episodes wtf. The whole show is one never-ending funeral. I just want everyone to be happy.

Freaking heartbreaking 5×22 finale with a perfect soundtrack WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT.

I completely forgot about me hating the previous episodes where practically everyone got killed off because they were all going to return together anyway (damn pointless and just for the shock factor) and loads of other reasons (like I said, I forgot after the epic finale).

And 5×11 was no doubt one of the best episodes ever. Everyone, even Jenna and John, came back, be it through flashbacks or as ghosts. How not to cry???

Anyway before Season 6 aired, the cast were asked to make three statements about what’s going to happen for their characters. Two of them would be lies and one would be the truth:

I so wanted the one about Alaric and Elena being in a romantic relationship?!!?!? LOL already knew that was a lie but a girl can dream.

Unfortunately, the Season 6 premiere wasn’t great… We have a druggy Elena, Jeremy who doesn’t give a fuck, a perpetually angry Tyler, yada yada yada. Everyone’s apart and grieving in their own ways :(

Elena has now gotten Alaric to compel her to forget Damon. This ship will be the death of me. I’m only not as pissed as I should be cos I cling onto the belief that they will find their way back to each other. After all, it’s not the first time we are getting our hearts ripped out by such rubbish. Sire bond, anyone?

delena 6x01.jpg

A rare moment where they actually look happy and are not interrupted… but hey guess what, it’s not real. I’m only still holding on by reminding myself that their relationship is a marathon and not a sprint. I’ve already waited five seasons, what’s more?

Lol I don’t even know the point of this post… I just have a lot of feelings.

delena 6x01 gif

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A guy bought $100 worth of clothes from me on Carousell

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October 9th, 2014 Posted 9:09 pm

You know how they say that if something is too good to be true, it probably isn’t? Well, I found out that isn’t always the case.

On Wednesday (Oct 8), some guy bought $100 worth of clothes from me on Carousell. 30 pieces to be exact. Way below the prices I bought them at but I’m desperate to get rid of them (especially considering my upcoming travels). Didn’t mind giving a huge discount on top of the already dirt cheap prices either since it was a bulk purchase.

carousell cheap clothes

A huge pile of stuff I put up for sale. Turned out he was planning to sell them overseas (I don’t care what people do with my stuff after purchase).

I thought he was trolling at first, especially considering how easygoing and not fussy he seemed to be, with minimal questions about the clothes themselves. I even asked for a deposit at first because I didn’t want to pack everything and go to the meeting point, only for him to MIA. Plus his account was unverified and empty.

But I didn’t in the end because he suddenly asked if we could meet up before even confirming what he wanted. After I explained to him how the sale worked, he just picked what he wanted and I quoted him the price. He didn’t even haggle further!

carousell flea

At that time I still didn’t take him seriously… Until he said he was at Khatib already then did I start packing the items and practically sprinted to the MRT Station. Which means he wasn’t just real, but also waited for a panting, sweaty and very late me.

After the deal and on the way home, I started to wonder if the two $50 notes he gave me were fake. I even considered buying something at NTUC to swop the notes and get rid of “incriminating evidence”. But my dad confirmed that the money’s authenticity hahaha.

If you are on Carousell, you would know that apparel is one of the hardest things to sell because the supply way exceeds the demands. Love it when people buy in bulk. It’s a really great platform for selling old stuff! Don’t even need to spend time creating a website.


Have had my account for over a year but never actually posted the links on my social media accounts. I also don’t know why. Click on the photo above to browse my items (and hopefully buy)!!!!

The following day, I met up with another buyer and he kept calling me ‘bro’ through texts… Too bad I had to eventually tell him I was in a dress for us to identify each other because I really wanted to see his reaction when he realised I wasn’t a dude.

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Buy all the things

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October 5th, 2014 Posted 1:27 pm

Just some very random OOTDs from work. Except that they are not really OOTDs since I have been very lazy to dress up and just throwing whatever I can find together…

Bought this shirt for $10 on Carousell just because of the print :D I really love rodents!!!

I don’t like harassing people and getting them to take photos for me. Sadly, the next closest thing I have is the full length mirror in my office toilet. The pail and the mop are forever there to photobomb me…

Me in jeans… hahaha. That’s supposed to be a rare sight. Actually I wear dresses 95% to work of the time but none of the photos here show that.

This has got to be the cheapest outfit ever:

- $1 knitted top (am wearing another singlet inside though I can’t remember how much it was)
– $2 Cotton On skirt
– $6 Mitju shoes
– $8 Hello Kitti bag

Noor said my top was very nice and feeling the material but she got a shock when I told her how much I got it for. I believe in cheap, nice, and quality all in the same equation lol.

Love that there’s a gym in the office that staff are free to use and I love it even more when it’s empty. Unfortunately I don’t go as much as I used to anymore.

Can’t believe that it’s October already! So much excitement coming up!!! Can’t wait for Bangkok and Hong Kong in November. Going on a road trip to KL/Malacca in December. I can’t stop reading blog entries about travelling!! Meanwhile I will satisfy my shopaholism by shopping online.

buy all the things meme

Do you know that Zalora is having a Singapore fashion sale? Loads of gorgeous items up for grabs from unbelievable prices as low as $6 for shoes!!! So in love with their products *_*