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True story… #punny

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April 13th, 2014 Posted 10:20 pm

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Wow I haven’t updated in 3 months.

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The day I flashed a male colleague

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January 19th, 2014 Posted 3:18 am

And other terribly awkward moments that made Wednesday (Jan 15) one of the most mortifying days I ever had. Lol I have been meaning to blog about it so as to get it all out, because I cannot forget how embarrassing that day was, especially at lunch ;_; And that’s getting trolled by Terence, Kumar and Azhar (an everyday thing actually) aside.

Had a super bimbotic moment. Kumar already downloaded this huge gallery then I told him we were using another 1.3GB one instead. Said I’ll pass him the photos through a thumbdrive to save download time, which he threw at me and it hit me right smack on the forehead and everyone laughed.

I said his verbal abuse (he makes fun of me every single day) has escalated into physical abuse, and I told everyone he attacked me on purpose. Later, I suggested that he should have thrown it lower cos I’m not tall (makes no sense, I know) but he said that would be sexual assault HAHA.

Well anw his thumbdrive was bent so I couldn’t use it anyway, borrowed Terence’s but no space and in the end I remember I could just transfer via the shared server on our PCs -_- Sigh why am I always so silly! And that’s not even the worst part.

Went to that Western stall I mentioned in an entry earlier for lunch (read this part about free food to understand better). Was already feeling awkward and I also feel bad for not eating there often (last time I went was when I wrote that entry, more than a month ago).

You know how it’s been super windy these few days? Was ordering food at the counter and my dress was flapping about and it suddenly flew up so I had a wardrobe malfunction, and Terence was right beside me and saw everything. Wtf I sincerely hope no one else did… Oh god! WHY, WIND, WHY? Then I told him that he didn’t see anything but he said he can’t unsee T_T but I think he’s forgetting about it now that it’s been a few days.

marilyn monroe moments

Ironic how not long ago I posted this exact story on Lollipop lol gonna crawl into a hole now.

But no, my story is far from over. As usual, Terence and Kumar kept making fun of me, this time because of what happened last time when we ate there (see entry I referenced). Like how my food always comes last because it’s “made with TLC” or I’m gonna get freebies again and I think the worst comment is from Kumar, about how “the cook keeps looking at you”.

Geeez! I didn’t even tell them about the part where the other guy at the stall kept making fun last time and asked the cook if he needed help getting my number. RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME. Plus I already knew what Kumar said (just feigning igorance as usual) which is why I almost never look in the direction of the stall or him if I can help it.

Didn’t eat there the next day but had to buy food back from there for colleagues who stayed in the office. Usually I would buy because they give me a bigger serving but this time I refused to walk past the coffeeshop at all so as to avoid any awkwardness and guilt about not eating there.

Anw was talking about it with my colleagues and they were all, “Ya he always looks at you” and Kumar (I never even knew he noticed anything so all his ‘observations’ surprised me) even said, “He keeps trying to smile at you” (oops) then Baoying also mentioned how she noticed I always look down and hide behind my hair.

Which led me to think OH SHIT GUESS I AM NOT AS SUBTLE AS I THOUGHT LOL (neither is the other party apparently) and now I feel more bad about it than usual! My usual technique for dealing with such situations has always been to feign ignorance and act normally but this time I’m like overdoing it and pretending the person doesn’t exist idek.

I don’t usually blog about such things at all since 1) the things I have to say are mostly complaints, 2) the people involved are stalking my blog, 3) I prefer the privacy. But in this case I’m not irritated, just feeling the funny kind of awkward and the awkward kind of funny. Plus there is no chance he will read this lol. Unless I’m really suay.

There are always pros and cons to being a regular customer somewhere and eating at the same few places near my workplace has made these even more noticeable. Of course I’m not going to complain about freebies, lower price, bigger portions etc but I hate feeling so guilty every time I don’t buy from them! It’s a really terrible feeling. Lolol #firstworldpains sorry guys.

Not just at this Western stall but everywhere with people that recognise me — probably not hard at all especially since I either always order the same thing or make the same requests or come with the same people (lol all the aunties love Terence). So many places have commented about how I haven’t been there for sometime and then I have to lie that I have been busy (yeah right as if I don’t eat when I’m busy… there are just too many places to choose from everyday).

That day I ordered seafood fried rice + extra meat for Azhar (who can eat the exact same thing for a week and I buy for him most of the time, so you can see why stall owners recognise me) from this Thai food place. They forgot the meat and charged a dollar less so I went back and told them. The uncle went to add meat for me and then I said, “$1 more right?” But he said no need and to come back and eat again. See?! How to not feel guilty if I don’t buy from him the next time I go to that coffeeshop?!

Well to continue with the story, had dinner and watched Wolf Of Wall Street (love it, definitely Oscar-worthy) with Andre after work. Hate worrying that the cinema staff would insist on checking ICs everytime I watch a R21 film because it would really suck if one person could go in while the other had to wait outside -_- Fortunately no such thing has happened yet. The excuse I always have as backup is that I lost my wallet but I’m the same age as whoever I’m with.

Anw we had this conversation:

Me: When was the last time I saw you? Like damn long ago.
Andre: 1 November, we watched Thor at Yishun.
Me: Wow can’t believe you can remember the exact date.
Andre: And I think you were wearing the exact same thing.
Me: Oh shit. That’s embarrassing.

Wtf talk about coincidence. And why does he remember crap like that! I wore what I wore precisely because I haven’t worn it for ages. You would think more than two months was enough to wear the same thing again…  Fortunately he is one of those friends I am so close with that I don’t really care ahahaha.

On a not really related note, sometime in November I was at the office gym after work and stayed there till 9plus. Was about to leave but this Avril Lavigne song came on the radio so I thought I’d leave after listening to it. Who knows I ended up stuck there for 30 minutes because this guy came up and started a conversation:

- Told me about his workout routine and bodybuilding past
- Heck, even his daily routine and what he eats each part of the day
- Including how he feeds his pet bird every night
- How he always see me at the gym (can’t say the same back though)
- How I’m so serious because everyone else had already left
- How I’m the first female to start and the last female to leave

It was actually okay and I wasn’t annoyed or creeped out. But I kept looking at the clock because I really wanted to leave already but he just kept going on and on! Well, he can eat his words back now because I haven’t been back to the gym since due to a lack of time and willpower.

Told my colleagues about it the next day and when I got to the pet bird part, Azhar being Azhar asked “Which bird?” and the rest is history.

Things I have learnt:

- Don’t underestimate the wind’s power
- Hold your dress down because prevention is better than cure
- Don’t visit the same stall or order the same things too many times
- Guys can have a good memory, sometimes even better than you
- Waiting 2 months before wearing something again is not long enough
- Avoid Avril Lavigne when you are at the gym
- You are never as subtle as you think

That and we need more places to eat because by Friday we were all bored and couldn’t decide where to go.

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Delivery Man

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December 30th, 2013 Posted 8:43 pm

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Attended a screening of Delivery Man with my brother on Dec 20, courtesy of Nuffnang! :) Starring Vince Vaughn, Chris Pratt, and Cobie Smulders, it’s a comedy that’s a remake of Starbuck (2011). Out in local cinemas on 1 Jan!

“An affable underachiever finds out he’s fathered 533 children through anonymous donations to a fertility clinic 20 years ago. Now he must decide whether or not to come forward when 142 of them file a lawsuit to reveal his identity.”

Delivery Man

Normally, comedy is the last second genre (out of all the main ones) I’d watch (the last being animation) in theatres because I tend to find them unfunny and not worth the money. Even on a whole, I rarely watch movies that are purely comedy. So I wasn’t expecting much from Delivery Man.

Turned out it was actually pretty okay and there was genuine humour at some parts! Not crude-and-try-too-hard funny but the good kind so that was a definite plus. To be honest, I did fall asleep at some parts not because it was boring but because I came from a Christmas party and was slightly tipsy (lol), but whatever I did see, I liked.

Storyline was fresh and heartwarming, the characters were real and likeable, and it was an entertaining flick with some pretty good moments. Not Oscar material nor the kind critics would rave about, but it’s a feel-good movie for when you are in the mood for something light-hearted.

My rating: 6/10

“How does a normal person handle a situation like this?”
“A normal person would not be in this situation.”

Be sure to check out the official Facebook page!

Dinner at Aston’s afterwards ^^ Photos look different from my usual because I’ve stopped using my digicam ever since I got my S3 which died earlier that night. So I had to use my brother’s phone but the pictures turned out weird…

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 photo IMG-20131228-WA0009.jpg
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I know, I know, I have been blogging. I guess you can say I’ve pretty much given up on it for now because I have a lot of other things to do and a lot of stuff going on all the time. And when I’m not doing anything, all I want to do is read and watch movies. Super love Goodreads and IMDB! :D

Just look at how many events I have yet to blog about, and they are the ones WITH photos -_- Not forgetting sub-folders… Don’t think I’ll ever finish. Don’t even know who still reads my blog anyway. One of the extensions on my blog needs fixing but I can’t be bothered so I no longer have a view counter nor do my entries get automatically shared on Facebook.

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Can you believe it’s the second last day of the year already? This is insane!

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All I can think about today

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December 6th, 2013 Posted 1:26 am

Can’t stop watching this. Don’t think I’ve been this upset over a celebrity’s death before.

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