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What’s meant to be yours will be yours

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February 13th, 2015 Posted 12:04 am

Most amazing thing happened yesterday at like 2am. Definitely lifted my spirits (been feeling so vexed and stressed recently) and I was thinking, finally some positivity and it’s gonna be a good day (it was).

pink skeleton keychain

I bought this keychain in Bangkok last November. Thought I lost it during my Malacca/KL trip with Chris in December. Searched his car and retraced my steps at the mall but I couldn’t find it. I got so moody because I really liked it. Its colours match my blog haha.

Was in Brendan’s car last night and we were on the way to have supper when I suddenly saw it lying on the dashboard. It was just… there. Funny thing is I’ve been in his car several times from December to now but never saw it before. And I can’t remember when I dropped it either.

Crazy accurate quote from Harry Potter:

luna lovegood quote gif

Anyway I was so thrilled to see it again. Made me realise that if something is meant to be yours, it will return and be yours. If it doesn’t, maybe there’s a reason behind it and perhaps there’s something better in store for you.

Like actually, I missed out on a work trip to Yogyakarta sometime in Sep/Oct (ironically I was in Batam when the offer came about) and my colleague went instead. Me being me, I was kinda jealous for awhile and hating myself.

But then New Zealand happened and it was SO incredible. Probably wouldn’t have gotten to go if I’d had already gone for Yogyakarta. Imagine flying Business Class + having a few courses for every meal + riding a helicopter all for free. I might never stop feeling so grateful for being given this chance T_T

fall into place tumblr quote

Recently, I keep getting myself into a state by being insecure and over-thinking things all the time. Or stressing about work and feeling like I’m buried neck-deep. Then I’ll realise it was all for nothing and I shouldn’t even have anything to worry about. It’s a vicious cycle that just keeps going on.

Need to remember that nothing is so life-threatening that I won’t make it. That I’ll pull through and be fine no matter how hard things are. Like the Delena quote: “We’ll survive this. We always survive.”

HAHAHA I can really reference TVD in any situation. Think I’m a walking encyclopedia for this show… Wish I was as good or knowledgeable when it comes to writing articles.

Bundle of nerves

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February 3rd, 2015 Posted 1:59 am

insomnia tumblr gif

Chope chope post because I have to wake up at 5.30am and reach the airport by 7am for my flight. Except that I can’t sleep because my insomnia has been terrible recently. Grrr maybe because I keep over-thinking things again. Trying to be chill and not give a fuck but it’s so hard because I do care.

damon it sucks gif

Okay okay but this is not a angsty post. And I’m not emoing. In fact, I’m feeling quite fine… other than being a bundle of nerves over my trip. And no, I’m not complaining at all because I couldn’t be more grateful and glad to be going. It’s fully sponsored, you know?! I just feel nervous, me being me, because:

– My first work trip
– My first trip out of Asia
– I’m the youngest there
– No one else from my company is going
– I don’t know anyone there (though I did meet some of them at a briefing)
– I think the rest are going with at least one person they know?
– I am so ditzy / forgetful / socially awkward / so not independent
– Like with every trip, I feel like I forgot to pack something…
– What if I can’t sleep there, wake up late and delay everyone?
– Will the time difference help me or ruin me further?!?!?

Very minor rubbish that aren’t issues at all. I’m just stressing over nothing as usual. First time packing so many ‘nice’ (i.e. not my usual shorts) clothes for such a short trip. We’re flying Business Class and the whole itinerary just sounds really grand :P

Everyone at the briefing last Friday (Jan 30) was so nice and hospitable! They even had gifts prepared for us. The long box contains a selfie stick and the one in a square box is the adapter. They think of everything!! I’m even getting a SIM card so that I have data 24/7 when I’m in New Zealand O_O

Another random bag of gifts from I don’t even know where… Kumar passed them to me. And people wonder why I love my job :) Sometimes I think I might be obsessed…

Here’s a photo so you all don’t forget me :P Taken on 13 Jan (according to my phone?) when I just reached home from work and was feeling so tired… look at my dark eye rings and unkempt fringe.

I’ll be back on Friday morning and joining the rest of my colleagues for a media dinner with the SPF in the evening. Sigh I freaking love February already, there’s so much to look forward to. Anyway I really need to go to bed to recharge myself now so bye! Hope all goes well.

battery charging gif

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It’s the small things that count

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January 31st, 2015 Posted 10:09 pm

winnie the pooh quote

I wanted to blog about Wednesday on Wednesday (Jan 28) but as usual, anything with photos take me lots of time which is the reason why I update so slowly. Now I feel like the moment has passed. Oh well.

It was a simple yet really good day. Wasn’t working and didn’t have anything on my to-do list. I promised Mr Azhar (my poly lecturer lol not my editor but they have the same name) that I would drop by NYP so I did. Well… after getting food at Northpoint to bring over haha. I felt like I owed him a lot of food -_-

This email was from freaking two years ago on Feb 22, 2013 but I never forgot about it okay. But yeah, didn’t really return at all except for graduation and for an alumni gathering last June.

(Convo has been trimmed to omit parts in between. Click to enlarge)

Actually I thought I’d be just dropping by and talking to Mr Azhar for awhile but when I went up to the Media Hub (had trouble finding it at first wtf), all the lecturers were there! They had just finished their Media Club elections and didn’t have any other classes so I guess I picked the right day to come ^^

We went to Ms Soo’s office and chilled over Famous Amos cookies, Old Chang Kee curry puffs (Ms Soo was so cute, she made a grab for the chilli crab one and kept smiling when eating it hahaha), Starbucks (specially for Mr Azhar only) etc.

It was really, really nice just talking to all of them. Oh and remember this module ICA? They are still doing it and Ms Soo is still the shark expert!! Plus the things you hear now that you are no longer a student… HAHAHA. I loved seeing how happy everyone was for me over my good news too.

Ms Soo: How long have you been working with them? 3 years?
Me: Just slightly more than a year (16 months) as a full-time staff.
Ms Soo: Wow they must really like you!

Ok la I joined full-time in Sep 2013 but at that time, I had already been there as an intern for six months and as a temp for another six months :P But forever amazed at what my internship turned out to be.

Went to walk around AMK Hub after that for awhile. Bought a box of durian pancakes and a cup of durian ice cream from Four Seasons, the latter of which I ate while walking to my grandma’s house.

I was feeling so content and at peace while walking. Like a 21-year-old who actually has her shit together (trust me… I don’t always feel that way even though I might look like I do). Thinking about how lucky I am and how good I have it. It’s a nice feeling. I wish I felt like this everyday.

Sat around the house for awhile and then had dinner outside with my parents, aunt and grandma. I was kinda surprised and happy to see my grandma eating quite a bit.

Funny how sometimes it’s the small things that count. I didn’t do anything terribly special on this day but I was in a exceptionally good mood. Dinner with my family always makes me happy actually, regardless of the venue. I love food and I love being surrounded by the people I love.

little things in life quote

Few days back we were laughing over this ‘love story’ where the girl was gushing over the “sweetest thing” her boyfriend had ever done… which turned out to be him willing to share his umbrella with her when they were still just friends.

Not very romantic actually and of all things to write about, she chose this. But then after awhile I thought to myself that it’s the small stuff that counts and maybe that was exactly why this particular incident stuck with her after all this while.

Me: Eh we shouldn’t laugh! It’s the small stuff that counts.
Kumar: You forgot to take medication today, is it?

LOL as usual. Actually I do enjoy our banter. Another of the small things that makes work fun.

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Goddamnit Budweiser

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January 29th, 2015 Posted 12:48 am

Why would you do this??? Why do your ads always make me wanna cry???? This is actually as good as last year’s… maybe even better. And last year’s ad actually made me cry the first time I watched it. Actually I only stumbled upon it because I was trying to find out what made Passenger’s Let Her Go from 2012 suddenly become so popular in 2014. Freaking watch both ads okay they are amazing,

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