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How McDonald’s new clubhouse burger, truffle fries and red velvet McFlurry taste like

UPDATE (Nov 27)!!!

P/S: I do not get paid in any way for this post.

Live update from my office desk on how the new Red Velvet McFlurry with Oreo Cookie Bits tastes like. No mascots today (they looked really weird, too bad I didn’t get a photo), we went down to McDonald’s and bought it ourselves.

red velvet mcflurry

Actually I couldn’t taste the red velvet at all but anything with oreo is always good. No idea why CK’s one is so red though, compared to mine below.

red velvet oreo mcflurry

Anyway, everyone else was eating the truffle fries today and the smell was so overwhelming that it was actually quite a turn-off.

Original article (Nov 26):

McDonald’s mascots (called ‘taste buds’ and dressed in pink, even their boots) dropped by the office this morning with their new clubhouse burgers and truffle flavoured shaker fries.  They are part of the year-end festive menu.

McDonald's truffle fries clubhouse burger

The truffle fries are a bit strange… more like flavoured salt? But I never liked any of their shaker fries, even the seaweed or spicy ones. Even their curly fries were average to me. I prefer the normal ones. Oh but the sweet potato fries were quite good!

Singaporeans being Singaporeans have already started complaining on McDonald’s Facebook page. Eh hello, they said truffle flavoured fries, not truffle fries ok? Want to eat actual truffle fries then pay more at a cafe la.

McDonald's chicken clubhouse burger

The chicken clubhouse burger (comes in beef too) is not bad. I like the onions, cheese (duh) and the sour sauce but am not a fan of the bacon. McSpicy will still always be my favourite though! It is unbeatable so far.

I ate so much today… Rice in the morning then the McDonald’s came at lunch time. Then redeemed free kaya toast from the kopitiam in the late afternoon. Then we had our monthly party with free food and drinks at around dinner time. My waist is going to disappear soon haha.

I love working here! What an interesting week with Def Leppard as well. Not forgetting how I have 21 days of annual leave excluding all the special leave and off days I get from working on holidays. Planning a getaway to Montigo Resorts in Jan and I’ve already booked my flight ticket to Australia in Feb 😀

Signed up for classes using the KFit app with Estelle too. I finished 2 this week! It’s actually very fun but super intensive too. Running on a treadmill at the gym is like a piece of cake compared to these.

Kfit classes

I also started watching Games of Thrones because I wanted a show to binge-watch. But I refuse to watch Vampire Diaries because I spent 6 years being invested in Delena and it is gone. Time to move on to better things.