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Dear Teachers,

Some of us actually have a life. One that does not include studying for all your useless, neverending tests.

Love, me.

I mean, come on.

Tell me why I need to know how many scanning lines are there in each kind of technology, or the properties of the ancient analogue technology which is already practically extinct.

This kind of knowledge is basically useless, which I will not need in Life i.e. just like Maths.

Day #02

Bending rules a little and skipping this day because I’m so unsure of everything. Honestly I don’t even really care anymore and I just wish that I can nip everything in the bud once and for all.

But there is still this tiny part of me that responds to you, much as I don’t want to. So stop tweeting, texting or making any form of communication to me can? I won’t take initiative to talk to you so if you don’t make the first move, we won’t talk and everything will be fine.

Life is not easy.