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Caught stomach flu and had to take 2 days of MC. Spent Wed night puking and shitting. Actually I kinda asked for it because I showered, had dinner, and went to sleep straight away (with wet hair) because I was so tired. Plus I slept on the floor so my posture was bad. No wonder I woke up rushing to the toilet to puke -_-

I’m all well now and today is the last day of my very long weekend T_T
Didn’t do much these days but rest. Went out with Darilene yesterday though! 😀

Seafood ramen from Ajisen!
Much prefer their spicy stuff but 🙁

Sides we shared

This shouldn’t be surprising but I was anyway; I planned on just buying a pair of skinny jeans for work but I ended up spending so much on other stuff as well. So I made my very first purchase from Forever21 as well as bought my first pair of skinny jeans. That’s 2 firsts!

But seriously, it’s always so fun buying stuff with her because we are both at it and I know I can always trust her judgement. Went to drink iced tea after all the walking and when we wanted to leave, one of the exits to the mrt was locked.

Normal human mind: Might have to cab home
My filled-with-horror-movies-mind: Oh shit what if we get stuck and have to spend the night in the mall

Shut up.

The previous weekend was more happening 😀
Met You You on Friday (5 Oct) after work! Queued ages for Sho Teppan at Orchard Ion.

The seating is like a bar counter and there’s a stove before you to cook food on your own. Forgot the actual names but I had the chicken rice and You You had the salmon rice. Both came with miso soup, egg and salad.

Not ours but it looked good so I took a picture.
Some people had soup bases in their pots to cook and they just dipped the meat and nommed


Actually, both of us were starving but we found the food to be pretty meh. Nobody taught us how to control the stove as well so our food got burnt and the chao da taste overpowered everything. Not sure if it’s because of that or if the food’s really not nice. I got tired of it after a few mouthfuls. I’d rather eat Haiwanese chicken rice.

What an unsatisfying meal! All that waiting and queueing for nothing.
We exited and right beside Sho Teppan was Soup Spoon so we decided to give it a try 😛

Shared this between us for $7.50!
Actually I don’t even know what it’s called, just randomly ordered the first one they let us try.

Don’t know why it looks like curry here but the true color is like the first photo. It’s like pasta sauce actually!
With bits of penne pasta, potato, chicken, mushrooms and loads of other stuff. Super nice 😀

Anyway by then it was pretty late already so all we did was look around Prologue before going home 🙁

On Saturday (6 Oct), watched Premium Rush with Andre and Dian 😀
I really liked it! Would give it around an 8.5/10. Wanted to watch a second movie but no slots because everyone either had to come late/leave early 🙁

Had dinner with Darilene after that!
We just sat down and talked nonstop for 4 hours straight hehe yay.

Had potluck with my family on Sunday (7 Oct)! 😀
Sundays are fatdays. I’m either eating out with my parents and bro, at my grandmother’s house, or at some family gathering/bbq/etc (which I rarely blog about because I’m more interested in eating ok) hehehe.

Priscilla baked strawberry cheesecake (she bakes the best cakes!) and Evelyn brought 3 tubs of Island Cremery ice cream over, in addition to all the dishes that everyone had already cooked.

It was also sort of a celebration for all the October babies – my aunt, cousin’s bf, bro and me! 😀

Backtrack even further to 28 Sep, which was the last time I saw all 3 of my girls together. It was a Friday but I was on MC (ikr but I was ill for real the previous night, don’t know why keep falling sick these days -_-). Basically just sat down at Just Acia and chatted over dinner 😀

This is like my new addiction hahaha

Dinner with Amos with on 26 Sep, Wednesday at Bugis’s Ajisen! Actually initial plan was for just for him to buy a jacket for his Brisbane trip but then as usual… sigh. I mean, it’s Bugis! A shopping haunt! How can you expect me not to succumb to temptation right?!

Really liked my seafood tom yum ramen ^^

Anyway, bro’s birthday was on 11 Oct aka the very day I caught stomach flu and I feel bad that we didn’t get to do much… but here’s the blackforest cake which I had a small slice of!

Okay this is more like a picdump post hehehe. And my heart hasn’t really been in blogging recently so most of the pictures are from my phone. Hopefully I’ll start updating regularly again because I do have loads of things to say all the time, it’s always the mood/time/feeling!

So much gratitude and love for all the people I’ve mentioned here ❤
Always excited to see them whenever I can!