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Everything is awesome

Holla! Contrary to my previous posts, I haven’t been updating not because I’m moping. Far from it. Life’s been exciting with so much going on and whatever free time I have is spent planning my Korea trip and sleeping.

I started using this Sleep Bot app recently and have tracked my sleeping hours for 8 days so far. I feel like it’s like passive aggressively telling me I need to sleep more.

Sleep bot

This is why I’m going to die young. All I can is it’s hard being a night owl in a morning people’s world. But life’s been pretty fantastic the past month!

Week 1: Had the food tasting session at Shisen Hanten, then went for Lobsterfest with my brother, CK and Jeremy. Then days later, brought my brother to eat overpriced ramen and we went to watch The Visit which was such a good laugh despite being a horror film. Then we watched The Green Inferno with Jeremy and CK right after that, before going home and eating our favourite wanton mee at 5am.

On Sunday, my family went to get my pink iPhone!! 😀

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Early birthday present from my mum, who paid $778 for it after a $100 discount. It was the last set at the outlet I was at!!! So glad I waited all these while… Been trying to decide between Samsung and Apple for the longest time but pink solved everything.

Earlier I asked Nazreen if she found the 64GB on her S6 enough then she replied, “Errr… I think you take 128GB better.” LOL everyone knows how I snap photos of every single thing I eat etc. So 128GB it is, because go big or go home 😉

Things I love:

– Smooth interface that never lags
– Crisp, clear and vibrant photos
– Auto sorts out selfies
– Selfies in the dark
– Official Elite Daily and Thought Catalog apps
– The ‘ding’ notification sound is eargasmic
– Notification badges telling me I have 2,500 unread mail
– Downloading as many things I like without worrying about space
– Using my phone non-stop without worrying about battery
– Literally a smartphone… so intelligent that I wonder if it’s human

Annoying things:

– Syncing
– Over-enthusiastic autocorrect
– Very selfish, can’t transfer stuff directly from Android
– So byebye all my WhatsApp chat history
– Can’t find any diary, photo manager or Fanfiction apps I like
– Camera albums (why can’t they separate photos I took and photos people sent me?)

iphone 6s rose gold

Taken at 2am cos sleep is for the weak except for in the day when sleep is for the week.

Week 2: Noon shift week and busy finishing up my food review. My mum also came down to the office to be part of a focus group session we were conducting. It was quite funny. She also told the other participants that I liked my hamsters better than her, but I said that I didn’t buy a $700 SIA plane ticket for my hamsters. Or a $600+ iPad, come to think of it…

Also went for Halloween Horror Nights at USS with Dian, Gerry and Muz! My first time there and I wasn’t really spooked (except on The Mummy ride: “I am going to die”) but it was really awesome seeing everyone again! 😀

Cut and dyed my hair earlier that day too… The colour is not very obvious under normal lighting because I didn’t want anything too bright or light.

Week 3 is just eating non-stop. Hoping to post separate entries for that and every outing mentioned above but I probably won’t have time. Off to Jeju and Seoul in less than two weeks time!! I haven’t finished planning… as usual.

Loving life