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The eelectrifying party where I got burned so bad

(Written on Jan 10, published on Jan 15)

Happy 2015!!!! Actually planned to publish an end-of-year post to sum up 2014 last month but that’s a story for another day. I shall start off the new year by being timely and talk about yesterday (Jan 9) 😛

Finally met up with the original gang! Decided to have a potluck at Kenneth and Baoying’s house. Can’t believe that the last time we went over was exactly one year ago. We talked about having an eel party then too, except there was food of every kind but eels in the end.

Eels from Azhar. Behold the eel party that finally happened 😀 I was so hungry that I didn’t take any photos of the food though. But we also had loads of other yummy stuff!!

Little Alex and Francois who are actually not that little anymore. Look at this peanut’s belly!!! They are also the main attraction and why some of us voted to go over instead of going out hehehe.

SO GOOD seeing everyone again and catching up! All that fun and laughter… even though most were at my expense. I feel personally victimised. Especially by Azhar, Terence and Kumar.

Remember my mortifying wardrobe malfunction when I accidentally flashed Terence a year ago?? I was hoping he’d forgotten about it but he suddenly brought it up again yesterday and said that now whenever he thinks of wardrobe malfunction, he thinks about what happened with me.

Apparently I scarred him for life. I insisted that it could have been much worse… like I could have flashed the creepy guys at the stall instead or I could have been going commando. Very valid points right? Except it was the wrong thing to say and the teasing escalated.

Multiple people: So you do go commando??? If not how you know what’s that?
Sarah: Ooh like Anne Hathaway went commando…
Me: NO but how can you not know if you do Lollipop???
Meredith: So how long was it (the flashing)?
Me: Very brief… (pun unintended)
Terence: It felt like minutes.
Meredith: Lacy?

pitch perfect fat amy gif

Still think this is the most epic part though. I even feel a little impressed. I don’t think anyone can ever beat Azhar when it comes to winding people up.

Then don’t know why suddenly Kumar went to tell everyone about how the uncles selling mixed vegetable rice at our cafeteria upstairs said I’m very chio -_-

While Azhar mentioned the weird guy at the gym (dubbed the ‘Birdman’… if you read the earlier wardrobe malfunction post you’d understand why) who talked to me for 30 minutes straight.

Zinkie added on and said her friend looked at the photoshoot we did for her and asked who I was. Apparently he/she said, “Quite cute leh.”

Meredith each time after listening to all 3 stories: “She went commando is it?”

advice dog stop meme

Sadly, these are actually the milder portions. At one point I got so red-faced and nearly choked on my food but I’m going to let those conversations rest in peace instead of relieving them here.

Seriously though… I love these people. Feeling so blessed that not only did I get to know them, but I also got to be a part of this awesome group.

Azhar, Kumar and Baoying aren’t in the photos 🙁 The rest of us only wrapped up at like 1.30am even though I heard people saying they were planning to leave at 11pm 😛 Can’t wait for our next gathering!

Anyway, it’s the new year and if you are looking to stock up your wardrobe, head down to Zalora and shop to your hearts’ content! They have the loveliest range of Mango dresses ever where you will have all your needs covered 🙂

Simple yet sophisticated looks for more formal occasions.

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Need something edgier for the perfect night out? Look no further.

Very tired as you can see from my dark eye rings zzz. I drifted off to sleep so quickly after reaching home and showering. Frowning because I took these selfies with the intention of sending them to someone else to show my (fake) discontent ._.

Disaster movie (literally… or not)

Been trying to get back into regular lifestyle blogging (and failing miserably) because I can’t stand the idea of the idea of not remembering anything from the past 20 years down the road.

Lol I bet you won’t hear from me for at least a month again after this post but whatever. Gonna start by backtracking into the last week where quite a few good things happened actually.

 arnold's chicken 2 piece meal

Editor drove us out for lunch last Friday (Aug 29) and treated us to Arnold’s Fried Chicken 😀 We were just running out of ideas on what to eat for lunch in the neighbourhood. My first time trying Arnold’s!

Just the day before (Aug 28) we were at this prata place and they had a new menu. There was this hot dog prata that looked quite good and promising:

hot dog prata

Decided to try it with egg and what I got was this:

kampung cafe prata

Doesn’t even look the same LOL CAN YOU FEEL MY DISAPPOINTMENT?? (Btw I got the ‘Expectations’ picture by Googling ‘hot dog prata’ and it was the very first image that appeared so I guess that’s what they did) But to be fair, it tasted quite all right.

 ocbc macarons

 ritz carlton mooncakes

Macarons from OCBC and mooncakes from Ritz Carlton all for me 😉 Companies send us gifts quite often especially during festive occasions; as some PR thing I guess? Hehehe job perks.

Love the packaging and both looked just as good on the inside. The macarons even came with a Chinese chess set. My mum was so thrilled when I brought both boxes home. That was after I lugged them home in a box and everyone looked at me like I just got sacked.

woman carry office box

Watched Lucy (7/10) with Andre after work that day (Aug 26) too at AMK Hub. I liked it but he didn’t! Thought it was pretty original and entertaining. Scarlett Johansson you so fine… funnily enough, we’ve seen all her 2014 movies together.

– Under The Skin was beautifully bizarre (5/10)
– Captain America 2 was okay (preferred the prequel, 5/10)
– Chef didn’t have enough of her (first movie I’ve seen with zero conflict, 5/10)

In fact I’ve seen all her 2013 movies too. Don Jon (6/10) was hilarious and meaningful but didn’t like how it ended. Her (6/10) was boring, pretentious yet well-directed and meaningful at the same time.

 amk hub ban mian

Dinner before Lucy. I love tom yum yu mian!! Anyway, it was a total disaster before we entered the cinema all because we tried to sneak drinks in (like we always do).

1. Bought my milk tea and orange juice which we tried hiding my tote
2. Spillage probably because I’m using a different, bigger bag aka more space to wobble
3. Tried to wipe my stuff and went back for new straws
4. Decided to put the drinks in the plastic bag (it had a base) with my mooncakes and macarons
5. Cinema stuff said bulky items weren’t allowed inside so we had to leave the box with them
6. Lied that I’m going to try moving the things into my tote
7. Shifted the drinks over into my tote
8. Spillage in the plastic bag so wiped everything again
9. Threw straws away and said we’d get new ones later
10. Gave cinema staff the box and pretended that we’d changed our minds
11. Went to claim free popcorn
12. Sat down in our seats just as the Cathay logo appeared
13. Realised we forgot our straws so he went back out to get them

Thank goodness no one missed the movie.

“I have orange juice hands.”
“OJ hands sound good.”
“Do you want a OJ slap?”

Seen quite a lot of movies together this year actually (particularly ever since my usual movie buddy aka David left for the other end of the world. We used to watch till there was not a single title currently screening that we hadn’t watched).

“It didn’t get under my skin, just on my nerves.”
– Some critic’s review HAHAHA

– Wolf of Wall Street (Idc it didn’t any Academy Awards it was hilarious and Leo was amazing, 8/10)
– Deliver Us From Evil (shitty ending… plus we all know horror films aren’t supposed to be happy 4,/10)
– Sex Tape (entertaining but let’s face it — trashy like with most romantic comedies, 4/10)

Just to add on. Leonardo DiCaprio was fantastic as always but I knew he never stood a chance the moment I watched Dallas Buyers Club with Matthew McConaughey… even though I like Leo much better. So everyone else bitching about his once-again snub, just shut up ok?

This entry is getting way too long so I’ll stop here… I still have so much to share!! Working tomorrow morning even though it’s a Sunday.