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Bits of happiness

I’ve been such a lazy blogger lately! Just didn’t feel like blogging very much… Gonna play cheat and post random stuff again. Happy stuff! 😀

Semestral results

Got back our grades sometime last week. I must say I am pleasantly surprised by mine, having slacked and procrastinated so much.

Semestral resultsOMG 2As and ONE DISTINCTION Y’KNOWWW

C for filming which was predictable, hahah. I told you I don’t like this module already! 5 marks for the written test remember??

I swear 99% of my work and studying was done last minute. I didn’t even study for CATS!! But admittedly I slogged like crap for the journals as seen in this poast.

Anw, GPA is above 3 but I still think it can be much better so I’m gonna work harder (I think? I hope?) next semester!!! Motivated after looking at my results -_- But I bet I’ll procrastinate all over again and such. Without a doubt. HAHAHA.


Received one of the nicest messages ever in my Formspring from a stranger. Or rather, one of Dear Love’s followers. It’s regarding this blog poast of mine.


Me? Inspiring???
Wow I never knew I inspired anyone.
This is sooo sweet, thankyou so much <3

Anyway the messages I’ve been receiving recently are mostly nice and it makes me really really glad 😀 apart from the occasional pervetic ones.

My blog

Saw that recently I keep getting a lot of hits from this website known as
Out of curiosity, went to check it out and I saw this –

Learning English from a diaryGOT MY LINK :O
That’s why I was looking for a Tamil translator the other time -_-

The siteowner is actually one of Dear Love’s followers too and he left a few nice comments on my blog before. Cos you know, sometimes I share certain blog poasts on Dear Love’s Twitter too.

I still don’t understand what the post means, but from the title I suppose you can kinda figure it out? I left a comment and received the following reply:

You can say I’m being silly for getting so happy over something like that, but honestly I feel chuffed to bits!! Seems like it’s a site for Tamil {?} people who want to learn English…

While I think it’s not possible to replicate my writing style and neither do I hope for anyone to do that, thankyou so much for this entry :}

Dear Love,™

Very good progress also.

Anw, if you remember this poast, I mentioned being retweeted by 2 of the most famous quote accounts (@TheLoveStories and @ihatequotes).

But then @ihatequotes started being asdfghjk by not giving me full credit and I got very pissed.

Dear Love,™
Dear Love,™

There are probably thousands of Cherlynns in this world you know?

I really take this very seriously because my quotes mean a lot to me. I will protect them and my rights no matter what. Even if you have a million times more followers than me, I AM NOT AFRAID.

In fact, come to think of it, the one with the more followers suffers a greater blow to its reputation, no?

So I left a polite message on Board of Wisdom directed to @ihatequotes to please give me full credit by either stating my full name or my link (see, even gave you a choice!) etc, that sort of thing. The message got removed but I know @ihatequotes saw it HAHAHA.

Today, woke up and then I saw this…

Dear Love,™
Wahoooo! I win.

Although @ihatequotes’s admin tweeted this to me for don’t know what –

Dear Love,™A bit rude if you ask me -_-
Sounds more like a demand.

I also wish I can remove the underscore because people always leave it out by mistake also but what can I do when someone else already took the username???

Don’t act big shot and tell me what to do please!

Kla kla very happy still, shall try to blog more in the next few days! ^^