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Descendants of the Sun

No new Vampire Diaries or Game of Thrones episodes so I found something else to occupy me. Watched the trailer while doing an article about it and thought it looked interesting so I decided to give this show a try. Best choice ever.

I usually can’t get past more than a few episodes when watching new shows because my attention span is super short. But Descendants of the Sun has gotten me hooked because it’s so different and thrilling!!

Descendants of the Sun scenery

First of all, the setting is GORGEOUS omg look at how blue the sea is!!! It’s almost unreal… Apparently they did the filming in Greece. Hello bucket list…

Descendants of the Sun scene

But the best part is how the show has the perfect combination of romance, humour, action (men in uniform sigh) and everything. Not cheesy or sobby like the typical Korean drama. So much heart and soul. Even the side plots are super engaging.

I wanted to take my time watching so that I wouldn’t run out of episodes, but I finished 3 today because the plot was so damn exciting. I even cried not because it was sad but simply because… I don’t know how to describe it. So emotionally powerful and intense.

Descendants of the Sun Song Hye-kyoDescendants of the Sun

Lol and yet you can’t stay away… If anything, it draws you in even more 🙄

First post of 2016

HELLO it’s 2016! Been so busy that I didn’t update at all in December. I did post-process some photos but somehow never got round to posting them. Somehow I just don’t see a need to put everything out online as much as I used to anymore.

Prefer to spend my free time with loved ones, trying to milk my KFit membership, reading (I finished re-reading the Harry Potter, Princess Diaries and Georgia Nicholson series hehe), watching shows and planning my next holiday 😀

Being a laggard again but I’m currently quite hooked on Game of Thrones omg??

birdman fanclub

Freaking out at Estelle and CK who have already watched till the latest episode HAHA. Ok some parts are quite draggy but they have so many WTF moments that leave my jaws dropping. This scene that I was spazzing about seriously takes shock to new heights.

Wish I’d watched it earlier i.e. when each episode aired like what I used to do with Vampire Diaries… and then go on Tumblr to fangirl, reblog all the GIFs, discuss theories and ships etc hahaha. Too bad I haven’t used Tumblr in years because of time.

December was fantastic especially with Christmas even though I worked pretty much worked the whole of Dec 31, Jan 1 and Jan 2. But it’s okay because I get to save all my off days for when I go on holiday 😀

Just felt like visiting the place after seeing pictures online so I randomly threw out the suggestion to my friends and surprisingly everyone agreed so enthusiastically. Going there in mid-Jan which is in two weeks!

Also bought my flight tickets to Gold Coast at a steal (S$292) back in November. Going there to visit David and Jessica in February. So that’s another thing to look forward to yay.

My mum wants to go Hong Kong so I’ll probably bring her there in March. I am waiting for a good Cathay Pacific deal because it’s one of the top-rated airlines that I’ve yet to try.

Nearly booked tickets to Bangkok for April because the last time I went there was 2014 but I thought that might be too much and too soon so I didn’t. Should I have?! It was only $92 after taxes and everything though wtf.

Hahaha okay I should stop wanderlusting. Time really flies… Even CNY is coming. If you are looking for the perfect oufit, don’t forget to check out Zalora’s Chinese New Year collection! Plenty of lovely options even if you are not a fan of red 🙂

zalora chinese new year

zalora cny

zalora cny collection

January seems pretty exciting so far but maybe I’ll reveal more another time! Super occupied with work of late because I’m working on lots of extra projects in addition to daily editorial stuff. I hope 2016 will be full of opportunities and happiness and all good things 🙂