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The day I became a cheerleader

Haven’t been updating because blogging is so inconvenient and un-private. But IPP has been such an enriching experience and no this is not an insight paper. I won’t go as far as to say I love my job (yet) but let’s just say 1) I’m thinking of extending 2) I can’t think of a better place to be 3) If I had to pick again, I would still pick this.

2 weeks ago was company’s Games Day and apparently our division was looking for people to participate in cheerleading. Agreed to go with Sarah because she seemed interested and anyway, we get to claim one day off.

I naively thought it would be very worth it because the event would be only 4 hours on a Saturday morning as opposed to not having to work for one day. Plus waking up that early would mean my day starts earlier and I can spend my time better instead of wasting it on sleep.

Also in my mind, what I’d expected was just us cheering on the sidelines for those participating in the sports. But noooo it was a whole competition by itself and other divisions’ teams started practicing weeks ago but we only had 2 nights left! There was a professional Japanese coach the first night and I had to cancel my Friday plans for this 🙁

Event was at Toa Payoh Indoor Stadium and one of the cheerleaders drove me there and back. Nice right?! Was up at 7ish which is earlier than an average workday. I will never wake up at 7am on a Saturday to do cheerleading for NYP ok. Not that they will want me but my point is I don’t like NYP (other than the food, some lecturers and my friends)?

Feeling fresh and loving the weather 🙂

In the stadium. Our team color was green.
There were free hot dog buns and milo for everyone but Marc drove out and bought McBreakfast for the team 😀

We wrote our division initials on Marc’s forehead also lol
And a very happy-looking me at the back

Piling up all our pompoms

Sarah 🙂

Our division had the smallest numbers that day and we made up most of them… other cheerleading teams had like 20 or 30 people and still got audiences plus other sport teams T_T we were cheering for our two badminton players that’s all LOL

Didn’t know any of them before this other than Sarah cos we’re in the same department but everyone’s so nice.
The guy in specs is an intern as well!

Company bought us matching shirts and socks!


We didn’t win anything but it’s okay, had super loads of fun with everyone over the 3 days! I wanna show you all the video of our performance but I only have the rehearsal ones and they aren’t as good… Oh well. Was so tired after the event and I only reached home at 3pm+ haiya reality versus expectations hahaha.

But it’s like in both directions also because I enjoyed myself more than I think I would. Don’t regret taking part at all. Still thinking of when I should claim my off day hehehe.

Showered and then went to meet Darilene!! 😀
Someone went crazier than usual in shopping and it ain’t me HAHAHA

Delcie’s delightful desserts

Late post again! Went to the official launch of Delcie’s Desserts first flagship store on 3 November and it was superb! This isn’t an advertorial but I think it’s worth blogging about. Om nom nom!

You know what’s so special about Delcie’s?
All their cakes and pastries are egg-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, trans-fat free, diabetic-friendly and baked using only organic ingredients. So anyone can consume them and the amazing thing is they taste just as good as regular cakes!!

Love the walls there

There was a dessert-tasting session whereby we could just nom freely ^^

Chocolate something

Chocolate chewy cookies!

And this is like my favourite out of everything on the table *_*

Super nice oh my goodness and I had quite a few, telling myself that it’s (a lot of things)-free so I remain guilt-free 😀

Had a demo session by Delcie herself afterwards!

She did it so fast and like a pro and we were all :O

Other cakes on display:

With Pam, who I went with 😀

With Jayne from Nuffnang!

Goodie bag for everyone 😀

Okay purpose of all these camwhoring is to show you all my necklace 😀 😀 😀
Darilene and Dian got it for me as a birthday present! Love it so much!! Especially since a TVD character wore it in Season 1!!!

My silver flats that I so dearly love…
Bought it at $22 which is a lot more than what I’m usually willing to pay for shoes aka nothing above $10 ($15 on a rare day) hehehe but I couldn’t tear my eyes off it! It was $27 but when I bargained the auntie said can give me $25 at most. Was looking at it wistfully and trying to make up my mind. I took so long to think that the auntie said, “Okay la $22, I want to close the shop already” muahahaha!!!! Hope these shoes last super long (they better do!) 😀 I love the color and the bows sooo much!

Anw, back to Delcie’s.
I find it pretty incredible how they managed to find an organic substitute for every ingredient that you’d usually find in cakes. And yet they turn out tasting just as good 😀 those interested, Delcie Desserts is located within walking distance from Kovan MRT: