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The fanfiction to my fictionpress

Is my title obvious enough as to what, or rather, who this post is about? Hahaha I think yes!

Super impromptu meetup on 28 Nov! Had dinner at Plaza Sing’s newly-opened (after the mall’s expansion) Dôme 😀 They were having a promotion so we decided to try and quite liked it! The promo is over but you can still see details here.

Yummy hot piping soup on a rainy day

Black pepper seafood pasta which I really liked, except the sotong which was too rubbery
Nothing beats spaghetti in tomato base though hehehe

Wedges to share! They go so well with the sauces.
We were both choosing the skinny ones to eat because fat ones are too starchy. Does anyone else feel the same?

Vanilla ice cream!

Another impromptu meetup on 30 Nov but we decided to not go town for a change so we went to Raffles City. Everywhere was so crowded and had long queues but we finally settled for Vietnamese food at NamNam Noodle Bar 😀 Also went to look for Dian’s birthday present after that while drinking Once Upon A Milkshake awww yeah

My flower crab noodle which looked very good on the menu but was disappointing when it came. I expected actual crab sauce 🙁 At first it was still okay but then the more I ate, the saltier everything became.

Wish I had ordered the same meatball noodles!

But it’s okay because we went to to the Orchard outlet on 22 Nov after a day of shopping at Vivo hehe 😀

Meatball noodles with chicken topping!
Yay I love the meatballssss

Fried prawn and pork rolls which were just okay… prefer the Chinese version

Okay finally pictures of us instead of food!

We were sitting at the bar top (ogling at succulent-looking prawns the chefs were preparing) so I said must take picture

Shopped around some more and then we went to chill at Coffee Bean for the next few hours.
Perfect way to spend the night 🙂


Love all of our times together, be it shopping (how surprising this is the first activity that popped into my mind) , dinner, nail-painting, talking nonstop, chilling, daydreaming in our AU worlds, impromptu or not. Thank you for being an awesome friend and I love you very much ❤❤❤ can’t wait till later yay!!!!

Laters, baby 😉
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