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Something funny

Few weeks ago, got bored during of those nights I can’t sleep and went lurking around Plurk reading old plurks 😀 and I found something funny! At least to me, it is funny.

Eligible Bachelor?

Hahahahahahaha. TK’s no stranger to anyone who reads/responds to my plurks, I guess. And Cowboy Caleb is this (quite) famous Singapore blogger. Re-read some of my old plurks too, especially those with a lot of responses and some of them were sososo funny 😀 Heeheehee. Sigh, miss those times.

My dad won $50 worth of NTUC vouchers this morning 😀
Let’s strike 4D in the evening.

I think I’m quite lame sometimes because I have goals for every website I’m on -_- actually it’s good to have goals, but I don’t see what good are goals on social media going to help me. Maybe to increase blog traffic. Guess where most of the visitors on my blog get referred from? – Plurk 🙂

But there’re more people who go my blog directly without clicking on any links ^-^ Guess that’s a good thing. Ohhhh yes by the way, I managed to add an invisible stats counter here on WordPress 😀 now at least I’m more assured that I’m not talking to myself here lol!

But one thing I’m really happy about is: My stats on Twitter & Plurk are way better than a lot of people who joined earlier than me.

Wahahahah. It’s my pride lor!
Okay nevermind just rambling on again.
Shall stop here for now in case this poast gets too wordy! (:

Hoot hoot hoot~


Hihihi 😀
Just a short poast for today because I don’t like to blog at night, I prefer afternoons. Somehow.

I think my Owl Evolution and European Timezone Conversion is near complete -_- Haven’t slept in my normal Asian human timezone for ages LOL. Been sleeping at 6am the past few days and waking up before noon. BUT after an hour or so, then I go back to bed and wake up at around 3pm.

I think I’m too spoilt and pampered sometimes, such a nice life.
Must have done a lot of good deeds in my past life ^-^