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Obsessed with whodunits, death & murder

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January 2nd, 2018 Posted 1:10 am

Shut up and take my money

This is how I feel about Netflix because it is so therapeutic after a tiring day, their UX is amazing and they make binge-watching so effortless wtf. I don’t have to Google and click endless links just to find a HD subbed version because they have thought of everything.

And while they have loads of titles available, all I ever feel like watching is horror. Especially slashers and whodunits, which have always been my favourite genres (I hate the supernatural). Same for when people recommend me stuff to watch (and I do plan on watching them, really… eventually), I always end up on a horror binge.

Here are some whodunit shows I have been binge-watching on Netflix recently. I swear I started slow and tried to savour them… like one episode per day. Then the plot picks up and I can’t stop because of all the whys and cliffies #noshame ?

1. The Sinner

The Sinner

Okay, this is more of a #whyshedidit than a #whodunit. But WOW.

At first the synopsis had my curiosity (how do you stretch a murder that Jessica Biel’s character clearly committed for an entire season?) but barely halfway through the pilot and there came the insane stabbing scene. NOW YOU HAVE MY ATTENTION.

Anyway this was surprisingly good and the best part of it all was the satisfying ending! I felt so content and rewarded as the audience. The Sinner has a wonderful pay-off and this is something many shows fail to achieve despite boasting of a strong plot in the middle.

Verdict: ★★★★★
Highly recommended and you will get hooked on the iconic song like me lol.

2. Slasher

Slasher Season 1

I don’t know why I took so long to finally watch it when the title already says Slasher. It’s like a wet dream for me and made up of everything I love omg. People getting stranded and being killed off one by one as you try to figure out who the killer is. Wooo!

I accidentally watched Season 2 before Season 1 cos I mixed them up but they are standalone anthalogies so it doesn’t matter. Plus it’s a good thing cos Season 2 is heaps better. I correctly guessed who the Season 1 killer was in Episode 3 ?

I don’t want to be correct, I want to be shocked and mindblown.

Which is what Season 2 did to me. I never saw the ending coming!!!! It was also damn brutal, gory and graphic (even worse than the Hostel and Saw films) but the deaths were actually quite creative, plus it isn’t gory just for the sake of being of being gory.

There was a male character that got the shortest end of the stick: frostbite, isolated, abducted, raped in the ass by a gay ex-convict, burned alive, choking on blood… WTF the writers must really hate him.

I also love how Season 2 pays homage to/reminds me of so many classic horror films. Season 1, on the other hand, is like the bastard sibling of Se7en (1995) despite some interesting moments. With pedo rape and minus the famous box.

Verdict: ★★★★★
Season 2 is one of the best whodunits ever (to me) so highly recommended for horror fans, but not for the faint-hearted.

3. Riverdale

Riverdale finale

Yes Riverdale, based on Archie Comics, has turned into a whodunit too in Season 2 ? Not that I’m complaining because I enjoy it so much more than Season 1. But it’s quite dark and psycho. When I was describing scenes to my colleagues, they were all in disbelief because it sounded nothing like the comics.

Sadly the serial killer’s identity was revealed mid-season and very disappointing after so much tension, but hopefully it picks up again! One month without Riverdale cos they went on break so I had to turn to other shows.

Verdict: ★★
Honestly it is not fantastic and I don’t ship any couples (everyone is quite irritating) but I just like following it (mostly due to the serial killer element)

4. Guilt

Guilt Netflix

I only watched this because I finished everything else of interest and Netflix recommended this, but their algorithm is really always on point.

On a critical level, this is probably just so-so. But I watch stuff for entertainment so I seriously enjoyed this because it is fast-paced, has lots of plot twists and hot characters, the soundtrack is killer (no pun intended), and it’s all wrapped up in a whodunit!

Initially I felt quite meh by the killer’s identity (lousy pay-off)… until the second reveal. And the final scene is insane. Would have been an awesome lead up to Season 2… except there isn’t one because the show got cancelled ? But what a ride!

Verdict: ★★★
Really fun to watch!!!

5. Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars girls

If there is a show for being the biggest waste of time, PLL would win. I marathoned this nearly every night and was in time for the finale when it aired. I finished all 160 episodes in 3 months because I was desperate for a reveal that didn’t come until the last episode.

And it really sucked.

The only character I actually liked in the whole show was Hanna, her mother Ashley and her OTP Caleb (wanted to puke when he was with Spencer… their ship name is Cancer which pretty much sums up how all we fans feel).

I also really detested Ezria despite my penchant for forbidden romances. In fact, everyone got on my nerves except for Mona who is the only one with brains.

Verdict: ★
Terrible pay-off, damn pointless, a disgrace to the whodunit genre.

Currently I am reading Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn which is another whodunit and a great page-turner HAHAHA CAN’T STOP WON’T STOP ???

Ezbuy gave me a free eggmaster

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December 24th, 2017 Posted 3:07 pm

(Photo credit)

We’ve been ordering stuff for our new home via ezbuy, which is very easy to use and has been quite reliable. It’s not that I can’t read Chinese but buying directly from Taobao can be very troublesome because you have to arrange your own shipping and you go through lots of parties, amongst other problems (see ‘Taobao Sharing’ Facebook group).

I don’t mind the waiting time because it’s expected when you shop online so I don’t understand why people do it then complain non-stop about parcel delays, especially when they purchase on 1111 due to the cheap deals (see ‘Ezbuy Complains’ Facebook group).

My purchases were all made before 1111 and after Black Friday + 1212, but there was still some delay due to the ezbuy versus Taobao saga. Anyway we were happy with everything but one of my brother’s tables came in the wrong colour (brown instead of white).

I contacted ezbuy to request for an exchange and did not get a response for nearly one month, until someone in the Facebook group taught me a neat trick. It really worked and I got a reply the next day! After some emails back and forth, we agreed to accept the table as it is and in return, they would send us a free eggmaster as compensation.

ezbuy customer service

I was very surprised because we had been prepared to just use the table (my brother didn’t want to wait anymore). It was delivered straight to our house at no extra cost today ?

Yifu Eggmaster

Now I can make sausage-looking eggs ? Very grateful for the kind and unexpected gesture! So nice of ezbuy to communicate with the seller, settle everything and see through problems to the end until they are resolved.

Btw I knowingly bought overpriced Okiniawa eggs from Donki at $6.50 (1 box, 10 eggs). In comparison, you can get normal brown eggs from NTUC at $1.55 per box LOL… But I regret nothing cos they really taste damn awesome and dfiferent wtf please try if you can ok.

I also finally opened and used the Nescafe Dolce Gusto Coffee Maker that I won during an office Christmas party two years ago:

Christmas party lucky draw

Nescafe Dolce Gusto

What a good win for a caffeine addict!!!

Nescafe Dolce Gusto coffee

Came with a variety pack of capsules yay

Nescafe Dolce Gusto capsules

Nescafe coffee maker

Voila! It is very tasty, smooth and rich ☕

Anyway, it is nice when people bother to do service recovery. After reading my previous post, iSteaks actually invited me back for a complimetary meal to taste what their steak is supposed to be like. I went and it was indeed a much happier experience.

Haven’t had time to process the photos but hopefully soon!!! Damn busy with the whole moving house thing and planning my next solo trip until I wanna faint.

Oh and you know who has terrible service year after year? SUCKY SINGTEL.