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‘Tis a day to be jolly

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August 18th, 2018 Posted 1:30 am

August 18, 2018 / 1:30AM

I meant to update because quite a few interesting things happened but I’m just so lazy!!! My list of to-read books is forever growing, plus I started journaling again (putting all the cute notebooks I’m hoarding to good use). It’s something I used to do in class all the time during my triple science and double math lessons cos I hate them all.

Most days are good days but today feels like a wonderful day!! 🌞

The night before, I tucked myself into bed at 9pm, watched 2 episodes of Meteor Garden 2018 and slept at 10.30pm. The night owl in me is very proud of myself. I usually don’t sleep so early but I had to do an interview at 7.30am today and I was afraid of being late.

Interview went pretty well and you can say I sort of Stomped myself hahaha:

PR and all but I was damn self-conscious about having my photo online because we all know the Internet can be a cruel place. And my self-esteem is super fragile lol I must have bugged Farah a dozen times for her opinion on which pic looked the least awkward etc.

Honestly not my best photo but I shall not focus on my flaws. It’s true that you are your own worst critic because I was worried about the comments but they were all positive ones (so far). And some weren’t just about the story 😳😳😳

Thank you for putting a smile on my face. I do feel quite happy and flattered and I appreciate it!

If we were still on speaking terms, you would be the first person I would have shown these screenshots to, because that’s what I always did, but we are not, so here’s me blogging about it instead but whatever 🤷

After the interview, Farah and I left the school and I feel like the day just kept getting better:

  • Decided to save money and take the bus, which came in a minute
  • Went to our beloved McDonald’s for iced lattes and breakfast!! Omg so good
  • Online flash sales everywhere when we reached office so of course we had to shop and buy something 😂
  • Got to leave early after finishing our work!

Went to walk around Northpoint and I bought stuff AGAIN LOL… Mostly food for my family and a skincare set from Guardian for my mum. And treats for my hamsters!!! On the bright side, I managed to stay away from the library.

These are just treats and it added up to like $35… Maybe it’s guilt for not playing with them last night cos I wanted to sleep early. But it was just ONE night!! I play with them and do cleaning almost every night.

I think I’m obsessed with my hamsters??? But they are so freaking cute!!! 😍 Some days I smother the eldest one with 20 kisses in a row and once I read him a page from my book while he was on my bed. I cannot imagine what it would be like if I have a human child.

Another reason to be happy today was because a book that I bought online arrived today:

I think it’s a good deal because Book Depository sells it for almost $30 but I got it for $19 hehehe. And ya this is why my to-read list keeps growing.

Ok I’m gonna abuse Netflix now. Yippee!!!

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The hams

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March 13th, 2016 Posted 12:58 am

Converted my Snapchat videos into these gifs and I hope they show up properly on every browser. They were quite a pain to upload and embed because the files were so big. Snapchat is so fun and useful for capturing the moment!

Anyway, spent the afternoon washing and cleaning up after these three furballs who I never get tired of looking at. Rodents for life ♥

My fatty male pudding who sleeps 23 hours a day and spends the remaining 1 hour eating.

They have also tried human cakes, bread, chocolate etc and are perfectly healthy.

hamster food coma

Lol see what I mean?

The oldest (2 years old), neatest and most attention-seeking. Overly-attached girlfriend.

My male Syrian baby (or at least he was one 5 months ago). A star athlete! But he’s very timid, flinches at the slightest thing and jumps even when I blow my nose. At least he lets me carry him now. Except for once when he bit me…

hamster bite

It was just one nib and one small wound but no idea why the blood wouldn’t stop flowing… #ButFirstLetMeTakeAPhoto

hamster bite

Not to forget when he escaped from his cage while I was working from home and saw a white ball of fluff zoom pass me. My internet connection also suddenly got cut off and I had to switch to hotspot. Only realised later that my hamster was the culprit when my brother found this chewed cable hahaha.

P.S. We found the hamster after a few hours but I couldn’t stream Game Of Thrones the entire weekend until the Singtel technician came by to replace the cable on Monday.

timid hamster

I have had 2 deceased hamsters and 5 deceased guinea pigs in case you are wondering. Pets are awesome except for that part.

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