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Talad Rot Fai Ratchada: The night market in Bangkok you should be visiting

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September 10th, 2017 Posted 9:19 pm

Just got back from a 5D4N trip to Bangkok with my mum and bro (I know, I know, I just returned from Guangzhou two weeks ago LOL) which is also another eat-shop-sleep-repeat kind of holiday ?

Bangkok is a destination that has been blogged to death plus it’s my 4th time there, so I won’t be writing a lot about it, but I did visit Rot Fai Market Ratchada for the first time and feel that it’s still quite underrated. So here are some food photos!

Rot Fai Ratchada food

Known as the “New Rot Fai Market”, it is located in the Ratchada area and just beside Esplanade Shopping Mall. The closest MRT station is Thailand Cultural Centre but we took an Uber because Grab/Uber in Bangkok is super cheap. The original Rot Fai Market in Srinakarin, while larger, is also a lot further and not as accessible.

I read that prices at Talad Rot Fai Ratchada are even cheaper than the famous Chatuchak and I wasn’t disappointed. We headed straight to the food stalls for dinner and coming here on an empty stomach proved to be a wise decision ???

Talad Rot Fai Ratchada food

Food at Rot Fai Ratchada

Duck rice and pork leg rice at only 60 baht each! I love that most pork/duck/chicken rice in Bangkok is tasty without being greasy and always comes with eggs and vegetables. This one even had both leafy greens and salted vegetables.

Anyway I got so excited that on my first mouthful of rice, I choked on the chilli powder, coughed and started tearing. Two girls seated beside us were very stunned when they saw me crying (I was touched by how nice the food was la hahaha).

Bangkok night market

Curry chicken noodles for a mere 50 baht.

Bangkok street food

It even comes with a juicy drumstick! I don’t like the crispy bits on top though.

Chatuchak street food

Sooo refreshing to have this while strolling down all the stalls in the humid weather.

Bangkok watermelon dessert

This iconic watermelon dessert costs only 60 baht (around S$2.50) and you can find them everywhere in Chatuchak for the same price, if I remember correctly. Yet people queue like mad and pay like $12 (?) for it at Geylang Serai…

Bangkok big bowl noodles

This is freaking glorious!!! Think of it as upsized bak chor mee with braised pork, different kinds of meat balls, eggs and ‘mini crabs’ (not actual crabs but there’s minced meat with crab roe under the shells).

One bowl for only 170 baht and there’s an even bigger bowl for larger groups ?

New Rot Fai Market Ratchada

My finger for comparison… wahaha.

Rot Fai Market giant noodles

Damn tasty and a must-try, but I recommend ordering it only if you have at least 3 to 4 pax. Well, you can try 1 or 2 pax too if you don’t plan on eating anything else at the night market, which is quite a shame.

Train Night Market Ratchada

If you are wondering how we can finish this and still manage to eat so many other things, that’s cos you haven’t met my brother and/or witnessed my full eating prowess hahaha.

Bangkok fried insects

Okay I didn’t eat any insects. Have never tried them either.

Bangkok fried giant water bug

These look like very fat cockroaches ugh…

Rot Fai Ratchada seafood

Seafood is very affordable here too. Somehow the river prawns and cockles I saw at various places are all damn huge. Even the couple of prawns accompanying your pad thai from the food court are big and fresh.

Bangkok street seafood

Bangkok grilled prawns

Looks damn good huh??? Sadly I didn’t try the seafood at Rot Fai Ratchada because I was too full, but there were plenty of stalls (you can get sashimi at 50 baht) and one was even crab-in-da-bag style.

Grilled squid street food

I have no idea which part of the sotong this is, but it’s sooo good that I returned to dabao 3 more sticks. Grilled to perfection and of the right texture, plus it goes so well with the chilli sauce. And yeah only 10 baht per stick!

Bangkok mini pancakes

Super cute mini butter pancakes for 20 baht per cup!!!

Bangkok mickey pancakes

Really damn cute and true to the display sample, mickey mouse ears and all. You can drizzle your own sauces too so I chose maple syrup (nothing beats this) and it was heaven.

Bangkok Thai roti

Thai roti is another must-eat when I’m in Thailand… it’s the same thing that I was craving during my solo trip last year and went out with a torchlight to buy late at night hahaha.

Thai roti street food

My favourite flavour is just plain with egg and drizzled with condensed milk woohoo. But there are loads of other combinations involving bananas and nutellas and whatnot.

Rod Fai Night Market

The highlight of Talad Rot Fai Ratchada for me would be the wide array of cheap but delicious food. Besides live bands, there are also lots of bars (you can even sit on the “roof”), and shops selling clothes/souvenirs/etc (though I think Pratunam is still the cheapest for shopping), so it’s really quite a bustling and exciting market to visit at night.

Hopefully the prices don’t go up like what has happened to many other places in Bangkok due to tourism. But quickly pop by just in case! ? (I also went to Talad Neon but it’s quite overrated and not as cheap so skip that).

Opening Hours: 5pm – midnight daily
Location: Ratcadaphisek Road, beside Esplanade mall
Nearest station: Thailand Cultural Centre MRT

Teppei’s $80 omakase is really as flawless as they say

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August 29th, 2017 Posted 10:48 pm

I just realised I went to all the trouble of post-processing all my Teppei photos after having one of the best dinners ever there in March this year, but never got around to posting them ? So here we are: An article dedicated to one of the best meals I’ve ever had in my life.

Teppei serves $80 omakase dinners, which consists of 20 over courses (according to them), both main and mini ones. Pricey for one meal perhaps, but very reasonable when you consider the prices at other omakase restaurants in Singapore. But it’s damn worth it la ok!!

Seats are quite hard to get because there are only 2 dinner sessions per day and each accommodates only 22 people. But I think it’s not as crazy as last time when you really have to reserve months in advance.

Teppei drinks

Sorry to disappoint, but it’s not really whisky hahaha. It’s tea (and free-flow) to help wash down all the rich and sinful food you are about to eat…

Teppei starter

Starters! Teppei’s menu is seasonal so actually I would totally okay with returning each month hahaha.

Teppei sashimi

This was soooo satisfying I can’t even ?

Teppei sushi

I can’t remember what was nside anymore except that there were crunchy bits.

Teppei handroll

Here at Teppei, everyone is seated at the counter bar and the staff places each dish in front of you (some have a lot of antics) so it was quite an experience too.

Teppei oyster

What a freaking huge oyster and freaking delicious. Too bad we only get one each.

Teppei crab

Heavenly crab leg and broth.

Teppei special

Ok I can’t remember what is this either but like everything else we were served, it tasted awesome. Everyone gets only one spoonful each (unfortunately) but the staff held everything nicely and let us take a photo first.

Teppei fish

Soooo gooood but there are bones inside.


I think this is eel.

Teppei wagyu beef

Wagyu beef!!! Only three pieces so I made myself savour them slowly ?

Teppei prawn

Gosh no words will do this justice…

Main course! Everyone gets to choose what they want from several options so of course I picked wagyu beef fried rice! Best shit ever.

Teppei dessert

Same for dessert, you get to choose from many flavours and they even offer you seconds.

Teppei birthday

It was someone’s birthday when we went so the lights suddenly went out and the staff broke into a birthday song. Then they presented the birthday star with a glorious sashimi cake (not really actual cake but donburi, which is even more awesome).

Anyway I didn’t expect to be sooo stuffed (not just full, but exploding) from these little dishes (there were a few courses I didn’t feature) and tea!

So ya really damn worth it and I can’t wait to come back! ???

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