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Rainbows and flowers

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August 22nd, 2017 Posted 11:05 pm

I miss Guangzhou!!! It was so not what I was expecting and I had such an enjoyable 5 days there 😅 I wish I had booked a longer stay because it’s such a massive city with so many things to see and cheap food to try.

Here’s a gif I made of the iconic Canton Tower where we had a yummy 8-course dinner on the 104th floor 😍😍😍

Canton Tower at night

We also visited:

  • Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street (shopping street)
  • Baiyun World Leather Trading Center (wholesale mall)
  • Chimelong Safari Park (wild animal zoo)
  • Shamian Island (European-style buildings)
  • Orient Express (train restaurant)
  • Guangzhou Restaurant (city’s #1 restaurant)
  • Saizeriya (cheap in SG, dirt cheap in China)

Holiday Inn Shifu Guangzhou view

Here’s the ‘view’ from my hotel room at Holiday Inn Shifu. I didn’t get to visit Beijing Road (another shopping street) where Hai Di Lao is due to a lack of time 😭 Need to go back!!!

Received this very pretty bouquet from A Better Florist over the weekend hehehe.

A Better Florist The Madelene

Got a message in my personal email from them, saying they would like to send me any bouquet of my choice, which excited me as it was complimentary and they didn’t even request anything in return. True to their word, they were at my door the very next day!

Was quite spoiled for choice initially, on whether to get pure tulips for my mum, pure roses (a classic but kinda strange to get roses for myself), or the largest and most expensive bouquet (too much because less is more).

Settled on The Madelene, which was also the very first bouquet to catch my eye with its many bright and vibrant colours! Very me, considering my rainbow sheep (and above gif).

I also love that it has a very pretty mix of roses, daisies, sunflowers and more 💐 Just like my food, I prefer a bit of everything.

The glass jar was a pull factor too, because it’s simple, easy to maintain and I don’t have to transfer the flowers somewhere else.

A Better Florist flowers

Beautiful sunny day (no better lighting) so I got my mum to help me take photos below our block because the flowers are so Instagrammable. My pants 😂

A Better Florist review

A Better Florist

Thank you for the beautiful flowers, card and sweet gesture 😊

Cheap German food and zichar at a place I have been forbidden to reveal

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March 8th, 2017 Posted 9:57 pm

We went for dinner yesterday at a place that Jeremy recommended, but he doesn’t want word about it to get around because it will become crowded and mainstream hahaha. So all I’ll say is that it’s in the heartlands.

Food is so so so yum and the prices there are unbelievable for what you get. Like my marina aglio olio for only $6.90.

Marina Aglio Olio

Seafood spaghetti

Actually the linguine itself was on the bland side but I spammed a lot of chilli flakes so it’s okay. I think they are quite generous with the seafood though, considering the price.

German knuckles

Only $9.90 for half a german knuckle with sides! 😱 😱 😱 The sauce is freaking awesome, I wonder what they used to make it?

Cheap German knuckles in Singapore

The skin is sooo crispy (though the starchy part got stuck to my teeth at one point) and the meat is very tender. Sinful but who cares… for now.

Singapore best German knuckle

Don’t know why but we were eating halfway when the stall assistant came up to our table and said this piece of German knuckle was on the house from her boss. Maybe cos we ordered a lot or maybe cos they were closing. But it was s nice of them!

The rosti is only $3 and beer costs like $8 per glass mug? Really damn cheap!!

Sambal fish rice

There’s a zichar stall there too with equally value-for-money set meals. This sambal fish + egg + vegetables + rice set that CK ordered costs only $6.50 and the taste is 10/10 for me (the pasta and knuckles had downsides). They have other seafood combinations like stingray, sotong and prawns too.

I wish I had stomach space for this. It’s the real gem for me because you know how much I love rice. Totally going back next time for the ala carte dishes (especially since I have a direct bus from home yay 😝

Another new place added to my favourites list!

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