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No greater love ♡

A sister, a best friend, a mother and my favourite person in the whole wide world – my mom is all of these to me

No words can ever do justice to how much I love, need and appreciate her.
In all honesty, I’m so reliant on my mom that without her, I don’t think I can survive…

Yay I think I did very well in terms of surprising my mother! Seems like she wasn’t expecting any presents, I took out mine and gave it to her only at around 9pm when we came back from grandma’s house 😀 It’s a furry tiger print handbag which I bought months ago and hid from her!!! Muahaha 😀

Anyway it was really happening at grandma’s house tonight! Love it when it’s lively there 🙂
I had rice and soup for dinner followed by a slice of chocolate cake, 2 ice cream sandwiches, and KFC coleslaw, accompanied by a cup of hot kopi-o that my grandma brewed herself.

LOL okay I’m a pig 😀 but a very happy one!
My life philosophy is to do anything I want as long as I am happy.
‘Cos life is too short to care so much about shitty things like putting on weight.

P/S: Wanted to continue on with yesterday’s happenings but shall save that for another poast because I’m lazy!!! Damned weather.

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