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How Avicii and Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain felt

June 08, 2018 / 2:14AM


  • Feeling sad
  • Not trying hard enough to be happy
  • Wanting to complain / mope / whine
  • Being pessimistic or negative
  • Not being grateful or thankful
  • Not knowing how “lucky” you are
  • Not counting your blessings
  • “First world problem”
  • A feeling you switch on and off
  • A choice


  • Feeling tense / anxious / exhausted 24/7
  • Feeling alone / lonely despite knowing you are loved
  • Never feeling (thin / smart / talented / pretty / good etc) enough
  • Fear, guilt, self-loathing and over-thinking being your best friends
  • Always feeling empty
  • Trying to fill that emptiness in self-destructive ways
  • Wanting to forget
  • Wanting the pain to go away
  • Wanting to waste away and disappear
  • Not wanting to think
  • Being stuck in a black pit
  • Sinking further into the black pit
  • Being tired and not being able to sleep
  • Wondering what’s the point of anything
  • Punishing yourself because you think you deserve it
  • Forcing a brave front as it is what’s expected
  • Telling everyone you’re fine because what else to say
  • Actually not feeling fine at all
  • Not knowing if you’ll ever feel better
  • Feeling everything
  • Feeling nothing
  • Feeling like you are nothing

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