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Bad decisions make good stories. And I always have a good story.

From France to Chicago

February has been a blast thanks to a stroke of good luck + Valentine’s Day + Chicago The Musical + a solo staycation, so this post will be about the first three ? Sorry if you thought this was going to be a travelogue but I’ve yet to set foot in the States LOL and my original title (still in the url) was too long.

If you are wondering why I’m suddenly blogging so much, it’s because I have time + am feeling it + have always loved taking photos / telling stories through writing / leaving reviews and ratings (109 on TripAdvisor, 200 on Goodreads, 815 on IMDb), that’s all.

1. Crepe Cake from Hasu Confections and Mediacock

Mediacock x Hasu Confections

Won a super delicious red velvet cheese crepe cake through a Facebook giveaway, which I arranged to collect on the 14th itself. I kept my promise and went home to give it to my mum first! For the unfamiliar, Hasu is a cafe at PoMo in Dhoby Ghaut.

The cake itself is seriously good and better than the one I had from Lady M last time. Ranking it #2 on my personal list, after the Thai Milk Tea crepe cake I had from Petite Audrey in Bangkok (mum agrees). Please try that if you are ever in Thailand ok?

Hasu Confections crepe cake

2. Valentine’s Day dinner at Bistro du Vin

J made a reservation at this French restaurant at Shaw Centre and I feel like it was the best decision ever. Firstly, I loved the food.

Bistro du Vin steak

Wagyu steak and truffle fries!!! So big and juicy and the best steak I ever had… #ATasteOfHeaven (if Heaven had wine and cattle which I’m sure it does)

Bistro du Vin menu

The actual name on the menu is damn lengthy because the cow was apparently grain-fed 400 days then char-grilled with some sauce and marbling 4… and no I have no idea what any of that means hahaha.

Bistro du Vin lamb shank

Lamb shank in white wine with onions, tomatoes and potatoes.

Here’s where it gets interesting because we got the bill and our waiter returned with a white envelope for us. I can’t remember his exact words but he said that it’s something for selected customers only (I think one criteria is that you have to pay via MasterCard) and we can open it now but don’t let the other diners know about it.

Hmm very mysterious and all. J had to fill in his name on a form where there were only 3 rows for 3 winners so I guess we were really lucky. So we only opened the envelope when we left the restaurant…

3. Chicago The Musical

MasterCard Priceless Surprises

My face was like ? ? ?  because how often do you win musical tickets without even doing anything except enjoy good food??? I nearly jumped for joy… or maybe I did hahaha. We went back to Bistro du Vin to thank our waiter. And this is also why you should always be courteous to your servers hehe.

We were given several timeslots to choose from and make a reservation, then collected the tickets the following week just before the show.

Chicago The Musical

We thought we were going to have crap seats with restricted views since we got them free but we didn’t even get regular seats. We got seats in the freaking VIP section, fourth row from the stage and in the middle section. I could see all the cast’s faces and their pretty costumes and hot bodies and the rhinestones on the sparkly heels ???.

I love the show! It’s so funny and different from other musicals I’ve watched e.g. Phantom of the Opera in London and Les Miserables at Esplanade (both hauntingly awesome) which are towards sad / tragic / romantic. Chicago is more of comedy / satire / social commentary. My favourite scene is when the six murderesses sing Cell Block Tango (‘He had it coming’). The lyrics are so brilliant hahaha.

But in terms of precision or how in sync the cast and their dance moves are, it’s about 95% as compared to the 100% from Moulin Rogue in Paris (one of my greatest life experiences ever… I have never seen anything like it).

Chicago The Musical Singapore

Chicago The Musical MBS

Went to ORTO for a late dinner afterwards because Yishun is awesome.

OTRO food

Ok I think people might find this my grossest post to date because the whole thing is basically me gushing about some thing or other. But hey I’m not going to apologise for being lucky and feeling happy! ?

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