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Every cloud has a silver lining

Confidence & Optimism

Second day of school, so far so good 😀

Our tutorial today was cancelled but our lecturer didn’t tell us, making us wait in the room for one and a half hour like fools -_- Had 2 lectures today. Media Industry & Management was tres yawn but Marketing was fun! The lecturer was funny hehehe.

Went to the Acer area again because Jasmine bought her laptop, and saw the same creepy guy from yesterday. He flashed his Spongebob underwear at Hariz because Hariz was wearing a Spongebob tee.


And I told a few more people about what he said to me yesterday (read it HERE if you haven’t!) and they all laughed like crazy -_- I think you will only get the whole thing if you there listening to his exact words. He said it in Chinese which sounds even more wrong than after being translated.

Hariz kept making fun of me 🙁 but nevermind. Shall forgive him because he said my eyes look like those from anime! :DDDDD Sounds so much better than saying people ‘s necklace big or whatever.

Plus he helped me carry my laptop today most of the time ^-^
My class rep so nice right!?

Today I woke up at 8am to register for my General Studies Modules. Registration opens at 8am and you gotta choose 2 out of the 4 modules offered.

Logged on at 8.15am and to my dismay, People Skills got no more vacancy left! 🙁 There was only one class (240 slots) for that module. So fast all taken up?! Everyone by 8am stand by and ready to register already huh.. T.T

Chose Appreciating Leisure Lifestyles and Cyber Awareness instead. Nevermind, Dian took the same modules too and we’re in the same group yay! 😀

In case you are curious, the last module was Personal Finance Literacy and sorry but I’d be nuts to take it. Learn about insurance etc. Means got numbers and figures and maths and calculation blahh!

Tomorrow’s tutorial is about film making! 😀
And got CCA Open House also. Good opportunity to guy-watch!

Few of us are saying we wanna join CCAs dominated by hot guys because our class is so lacking :X Hahaha no lah, of course passion and interest come first ^-^ Feel like joining the French Cultural Club or something but like nobody else want join!

Oooh and you know, many of us in the class chose Singapore Poly’s Creative Writing for New Media & Television as our first choice. So we are like all the rejects hahaha, Shafiqah said.

But apparently if you go to that course, you can’t enter a local university because the diploma is not recognised in Singapore, despite being from SP.  Plus I heard it isn’t really creative writing, more of the technical stuff like film-making.

I suddenly feel more happy than ever to be in this course in NYP :DDDD and it’s like got so many areas – Marketing, Film-making, Creativity & Thinking Skills etc etc can’t remember all.Sooo fun! ^-^

Oh! And the distance from my house. Never realised how important that is. Classes start at irregular times so I have to by myself now most of the time instead of relying on my father. Soooo glad that it’s just one MRT stop away 😀

Guess I’m quite contented :}

Wordy and pictureless poast!
But interesting nevertheless… I’m not boring, right? 😉 I hope. I mean, just wanted to keep you all updated with what’s going on in my life. Heh.

My body clock is not reverting back to a normal Asian timezone though oops. HAHAHA. Nevermind. I am lucky that somehow I hardly get dark eye rings and I don’t ever get eyebags at all 😀

I really feel freaking blessed lah okay. And I feel like a bloodsucker too, keep taking money from my Dad these few days. Like nearly $200 in less than a week 🙁

Weekly allowance, give one time. Money to purchase lecture notes, give another time. Money to top up my EZ-Link card, give again. And he even give me money to buy materials for Project Post-its last week. And it was like more than what I spent. Then 2 days of orientation only, he also give me money.

Walao crazy right 🙁 I really feel a freaking bloodsucker. Ugh feel kind of bad. It’s not like he is some rich businessman or what right. Omg I suck sometimes. I didn’t ask for money but not like I rejected it also.

Okay I think that’s all for today xoxoxo

First day of school!

Oreo rainbow

Not much actually since it’s just the first week – honeymoon period ._.

Okay honestly I’d forgotten what I wanted to blog about. Ughrrrr so many entries behind~~! Nevermind. Slowly slowly 😀 okay I have 91 pictures from Orientation ohmygoodness. Hehehehe.

Anw, today only had lessons for less than 2 hours. Started at noon. Before that, met up with like half the class and we all had lunch together. There are 28 people in my class if I’m not wrong. Got one exotic specimen from Korea and I mean that in a nice way :}

After that, went to the library to hang out with Jasmine, Geraldine, Darilene (omg a lot of similar sounding names in my class – add me inside is Cherlynn. We make people super confused HAHAHA), Judith and Dian after that. 6 of us!

There was a cafe inside and I had mocha frappucino but nothing beats Starbucks still and I’m not the only one that thinks so. ♥ Like duh, the price makes a difference?!


Darilene’s dark chocolate frappe and my mocha. We haven’t touched it yet – I jealous her overflowing whipped cream cannnn.


Gossiped gossiped gossiped as what girls do. Hahahah. Awesome time.
I like these new friends (: but I miss the old ones too.

We were there for around 2 hours odd I think. Went two separate ways after that. I went to check out the laptop roadshow {?} at the atrium with Geraldine and Jasmine because they haven’t bought theirs.

This strange guy from Acer came up and gave us brochures. And he said to me, supposedly referring to my C necklace, “Your C very big” in Chinese and I went huhhhhh? He repeated it like 3 times -_- I think I just gave him a weird look. Don’t understand what he saying.

It’s one of the weirdest thing people have ever said to me. Wth is that supposed to mean anw? Do you normally go tell strangers that their necklace very big? Which normal person will describe a necklace as “big”? And if you have seen me wearing that necklace before, you’d realised that it’s not even big in the first place. Just normal-ish.

Creepy. But whatever.
Geraldine and Jasmine seem to find it funny but I can’t remember what exactly they said already.

When we went home, it started to rain.
I used the Acer brochure to shelter myself as I walked home from the MRT station ^-^ Hahahaha.

Bye for now <3