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Good conversation is rare

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February 10th, 2018 Posted 1:31 am

Why is it so hard to find someone on the same frequency that you can talk to about anything and everything? Even if we don’t go into frequency, I just feel like most people I get to know nowadays are shit conversationalists who I don’t feel like talking to.

Actually I have kinda like a series of tests that I put people through (without them knowing, of course) to see if we can be more than acquaintances. I guess you can say I’m insane or asking for too much but in a world where time is so precious, I don’t really wanna waste time with people who don’t get me. Would you?

The tests are in this order:

1. Hamster test: The simplest one. Having pets yourself is a plus but not a necessity. Just let me gush about my babies and ask basic questions about them.

2. Book test: I get that most people aren’t into reading books which is quite sad but fine. At least ask what book I’m reading currently and what it is about. That’s all I want. You don’t have to be a prodigy or some well-read genius. I just want someone who lets me fangirl instead of never following up with another question when I say I’m reading.

3. Game of Thrones / Netflix / pop culture test: I am super into pop culture and can quote shitload of shows and movies so you need to be as well-watched in order to get my references. Huge bonus if you are a Game of Thrones fan and even bigger bonus if you have read the book series.

4. Work test: My work is a big part of my life so you need to be both a good listener and someone who can contribute to the conversation so that it’s not one-sided. You need to respect and understand my work and how  I feel about it.

5. Fucked-up issues test: I actually have a lot of issues and “dark secrets” but hardly anybody to open up to. If you miraculously pass all the four tests above, you probably won’t have a problem at this stage. Unfortunately, most people I know can’t even pass the first or any one of these relatively easy tests.

Maybe I am destined to be forever alone. I like being alone… but I don’t like being lonely.

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