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August 8th, 2016 Posted 12:27 am

Fangirling post because I have read so many good books recently. Finished Lang Leav’s Memories as well as Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur today.

george rr martin reader quote

Finished Storm of Swords not long ago and it was so brilliant!! No wonder everyone says it’s the best book in the A Song of Ice and Fire series. Never thought I would be so hooked but the whole new universe that George R.R. Martin has created is simply beyond incredible.

Storm of Swords starts off with the White Walkers attacking The Night’s Watch and there’s my favourite Daenerys in Astapor scene too but it is the second half that is CRAY CRAY.

Red Wedding > Ygritte dies (“We should have stayed in that cave” omg everything sucks) > Barristan reveals himself to Daenerys (really didn’t see this coming cos it was different in the show) > Purple Wedding > Jon battles the wildings > Tyrion’s trial > The Mountain versus The Red Viper > Jon is Lord Commander > Lysa and the Moon Gate > Lady Stoneheart appears

My jaws dropped at the ending. At a lot of scenes actually. Even though I roughly know what will happen from the show, the writing is damn mind-blowing. Love how Needle is re-introduced!!! I didn’t even realise it was Needle at first… then the reveal is like WOOOO.

He wore three blades on his belt, Arya saw; a longsword on his left hip, and on his right a dagger and a slimmer blade, too long to be a dirk and too short to be a sword.

[Paragraphs later]

Arya went to Polliver and knelt in his blood long enough to undo his swordbelt. Hanging beside his dagger was a slimmer blade, too long to be a dirk, too short to be a man’s sword . . . but it felt just right in her hand.

“You remember where the heart is?” the Hound asked.

She nodded. The squire rolled his eyes. “Mercy.”

Needle slipped between his ribs and gave it to him.

aya polliver gif

Off The Map Chelsea Fagan

Read this little book (free on the Kindle store) while in KL to prep myself for my solo trip in Thailand. Loads of great stories and my favourite was from this girl who walked dunno how many kilometres in Africa because she couldn’t pass some border and had to turn all the way back while her friends drove on by themselves.

So she was one of my inspirations who made me go, “If she can do it, why can’t I?”


Also re-read these two classics days ago because I had a sudden animal craving lol. Was introduced to Animal Farm in school and I think out of all the books we had to study for Literature, it’s still the best and my favourite.

Charlotte’s Web was one of the first few books I ever read if I remember correctly. Funnily enough, it wasn’t a purchase. I think someone had given me a whole bag of old books and it was inside. My book cover isn’t the iconic one with the girl but the obscure one above.

Anyway I cried harder this time than I did as a child at the ending wtf. Like full-on sobbing. Why is my adult self so emotional????


Also re-read this YA novel called ‘The Way I Used To Be’ (life sure has a way of forcing you to grow up) that made me cry on both readings. You can feel how raw and real the emotions are… And also because I feel like I can relate.

Most of that hate, though, I save for me. No matter what anyone else did or didn’t do, it was ultimately me who gave them permission. I’m the one who’s lying. The coward too afraid to just stop pretending.

The plan was to get better, to feel better, by any means. But I don’t feel better, I feel empty, empty and broken, still. And alone. More alone than ever before.

Pain changes people. All that self-loathing, guilt, confusion, secret anger and resentment, wondering why something has to happen and why you are the only one suffering, wishing for anyone to just understand but nobody will ever do, wondering if your feelings are justified, wanting so desperately to forget and to just stop hurting.

Why, surely you didn’t think I just randomly decided to start drinking excessively for no reason? Or that I suddenly started working doubly, triply hard out of nowhere? Haha please. My previous post is only a very tiny fraction of everything that happened.

Ok said too much, back to my Kindle!

Fair-weather friends

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October 17th, 2011 Posted 10:01 pm

Rant rant rant. There’s this super annoying girl I know (mentioned her once in an older entry before) from secondary school. I wouldn’t even consider us proper friends; we just had a junior-senior relationship in the same CCA. Well, I can’t be fucked to maintain relationships with people who mean absolutely nothing to me in my life, people who have never been a friend to me.

Anyway, she bugs me on Facebook whenever she feels like it. For instance, “Hey! Anytime you wanna meet just sms me k! ^^” (How about NEVER????) and I don’t ever reply. Another time she inboxed me asking for bio textbooks (got also don’t want give you… unless you pay?) and I didn’t reply also :3 Went out with her once and I didn’t really enjoy it plus she was really irritating. So after that everytime she asked me out I’d make some excuse or just ignore muahahaha. Normal people would take a hint, right? Not her.

Recently, she texted me again, being the little annoying bugger she is… (I’ve edited most of her dialogue into proper English because she is one of those twits that still tYpe lyyykk diiShh)

She: Hey how about meeting to celebrate qs eur (???) birthday? Let’s have a simple meetup on Friday?
*qs = initials of a mutual friend (don’t really understand what she’s trying to say. Qs and my birthday? Or?

She (again): Cher, can you buy a present then bring it next Friday? I share money with you. just buy something like around $6. We meet 5.10pm at Orchard MRT?
* 1) Fuq you, you are not allowed to call me any nicknames even if it’s just my name shortened 2) Wtf want share present still so cheapo??? 3) Fuq you la, are you asking me or ordering me? Did I say okay?

Me: Orchard or Bishan? QS said Bishan. And why so late?
* Because the other girl texted me too

She: Er I got school leh -.-
* 1) Knn I’m just asking right? How would I know if you have school? 2) You are the only one with school is it? 3) Ccb I hate it when people -.- me. To me it is freaking rude especially if it’s directed me and I have tweeted before that I prefer -_- than -.- 4) Never even answer my question about the venue

Me: Just asking. Bishan or Orchard??
* I think I’m damn polite already… considering that I’m pissed.

She: Bishan. Could you buy a present first? Cos I’m not free to buy, thanks uh!
* To be more precise, she said, “cuz im not free to buy thks uh!”
1) The way she said it all out in one single sentence seems rude to me 2) Especially when she never asked if I would be okay with it, she just assumed 3) Are you asking for a favour or are you ordering me????

CCB only you got school, only you are not free la?? My birthday is on the 27th and I never even say anything, yet you order me to buy a present for someone else????????? Wouldn’t want a present from you or celebrate it with you though. You are nobody to me, other than a super irritating twit. Actually I was still considering if I should just go, because it might be nice to catch up. But aiya really buay tahan so forget it. Life is too short to waste it with people like this -_- the less to do with you, the better.

Geeez don’t you hate people like this?! Fucking rude, fucking annoying, fucking thick-skinned and only come to you when they need something. I know very well who my true friends are and why I call them friends and I don’t need anything more. The people who I genuinely love and care about and who I regard as friends… do you know how much they have done for me and how much they mean to me and how much we have gone through together? Friendship isn’t something that happens overnight. You don’t just pick any day you feel like talking to someone and then go knocking on their doors and hold up a friendship contract to them.

For me, anyway. I don’t think that I have achieved a lot in life but I am very sure of two areas that I am successful at and perfectly happy with – family and friends 🙂 these are 2 areas that I don’t have any problems with or feel troubled about at all. These are people that have seen the ugliest and worst side of me and yet choose to stick with me regardless. People who understand me, who just get me, who give me strength and support. People who make life seem happier and brighter and so much more worth living just by being in it. And words can never express how much they mean to me and how much I love them enough.

“When we are walking with friends, the journey seems shorter and more fun than if we walk by ourselves. Sometimes, a friend’s cheer is what we need to move us along the way.”

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