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Hiiiiii Europe

Feeling happy but so afraid it’ll be short-lived again. Hope nothing ruins it please. Be it shitty circumstances, things out of my control, accidentally finding out stuff I don’t want to know, my insecurities or over-thinking. I just want to be happy.

So thankful for all the people in my life. Always listening and being there and spending time with me so that I don’t drive myself crazy with my own thoughts. Sorry I always make you guys worry. It really means a lot to me having you all around.

Leaving for Europe tomorrow night and I’m going to be happy and enjoy myself. I know I’m asking to be punched by saying this but it was really hard to feel excited about it with all that’s been going on and how crappy I feel most of the time. That’s going to change.

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Nearly 3 weeks so I’ll be visiting the main cities in Central Europe with a tour group, then heading to London for free and easy instead of returning with the group, followed by Dubai because we were given a free hotel stay there.

The whole tour package including flights and accommodation in every country came up to around $3,000 which I think is super worth it??!?!? Bought it as a one-for-one deal (I think) at the MBS travel fair awhile back.

Okay I’m really fine (at least for now) so please don’t worry!!


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