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Same shit, different day, still me

Crap day. Blog’s been crashing these 2 days and I feel bad about sending support tickets to my host non-stop :@ but they always manage to fix everything so I hope all’s fine now.

Often I have gone without updating here for days, but this is the first time I suffered so much damage. In terms of traffic, earnings and ranking. But nevermind, not really important! It’s my principle not to blog when I’m not in the mood because I only publish quality :))))


Darilene: Write “I love Darilene” everyday and your blog hits will go back to normal!!

Me: Nooo I think write hate more effective!!! Like for real. People will think we fought and want to know all the dirt so they will keep visiting my blog. More sense than “I love Darilene”! So cheesy and goosebumpish, no one will visit XD

Chin: But our clique is so tight. I don’t think they would believe hahahaha.

Darilene: Nooooo that makes it even more interesting!

I even tweeted her a picture with a lot of -.-s to act as if we really fell out…

This is her GPOY so I’m just sharing with her.
But outsiders might think we fell out HEHEHE >:D

Gerry is right, I think it’s highly unlikely we all will ever fall out ☮ Not saying it 100% won’t happen but I really can’t think of a likely situation… the most probable would be me as the antagonist because my temperament really sucks and all 3 of them are so good-natured, forgiving and tolerant of my shit :3

May tomorrow be a better day!!!
It has to be… right?

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