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Day 25 – Couple you don’t want as endgame

Damon/Bonnie (Bamon)

Basically I ship everyone but I WILL NEVER SHIP BAMON.

Klaus/Elena? Okay.
Katherine and Elijah? Okay.
Damon and Alaric? Okay.
Tyler/Caroline/Matt? Okay.
Bonnie and Damon? Never.

In the first place, I’ve never been particularly fond of Bonnie (tho I have newfound respect after The Last Dance and she’s starting to get into my good books again). I still hate her for what she did in Founder’s Day, when she pretended to dispell the device.

What she did indirectly killed Anna (gee, thanks) and nearly killed Damon too. And she’s always using her powers to threaten Damon. Not to mention how her stupid I-hate-all-vampires mentality. When Caroline turned, what did Bonnie do? Shun her. Good job, friend.

I don’t even like Bonnie/Jeremy that much but ohwell.


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