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Year 2 is starting!

Back to school the day after.
Here is a list of what I want to see more of!


  • Classes cancelled
  • Enjoyable classes
  • Fun, joy and laughter with my babies
  • Teachers that never get mad e.g. Ms Ang

Of course it has to be balanced, cannot everything also want more.
So here’s a list of “less” to be fair…


  • ICAs
  • Exams
  • Group work
  • Extra crap to attend
  • Time spent in school

I think I am dreaming.
Oh and ICAs > Exams > Group work 🙂

P/S: Cannot stop staring the the GIFs and graphics in my previous poast. It’s like a Delena appreciation poast <3

P/P/S: Read Things I know About Love by Kate Le Vann again today. Cried like a baby {;_;} Just like every single freaking time. It’s just simply beautiful…


HAPPY 447th Birthday,

William Shakespeare!


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